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Date Lineup
Grande Royale Volksbad Nov 10 Grande Royale
FUCK ART Volksbad Oct 27 FUCK ART
Let’s Dance! Volksbad Oct 27 Let’s Dance!
Roast Apple Volksbad Oct 27 Roast Apple
Who Killed Bruce Lee Volksbad Oct 14 Who Killed Bruce Lee
Jared Hart Volksbad Oct 11 Jared Hart
LOVE A Volksbad Sep 30 LOVE A
Sarah Jane Scouten Volksbad Sep 28 Sarah Jane Scouten
Egotronic Volksbad Sep 15 Egotronic
Bondage Fairies Volksbad Sep 15 Bondage Fairies
De fofftig Penns Volksbad Jul 20 De fofftig Penns
Blowm&Maddin un de Maudefaades Volksbad Jul 20 Blowm&Maddin un de Maudefaades
Zeki Min Volksbad Jun 29 Zeki Min
Vidunder Volksbad Jun 15 Vidunder
Tangarine NL Volksbad May 27 Tangarine NL
Tequila and the Sunrise Gang Volksbad May 13 Tequila and the Sunrise Gang
Salamanda Volksbad May 12 Salamanda
Florian Kruse Volksbad May 11 Florian Kruse
Fatoni Volksbad May 06 Fatoni