Don Pedro
Concert History 2011 - 2017

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Date Lineup
Freya Wilcox Don Pedro Apr 28 Freya Wilcox
Poor Lily Don Pedro Apr 28 Poor Lily
Ceschi Don Pedro Apr 23 Ceschi
Brook Pridemore Don Pedro Apr 23 Brook Pridemore
Gregory Pepper & His Problems Don Pedro Apr 23 Gregory Pepper & His Problems
Laundry Day Don Pedro Apr 23 Laundry Day
Gregory Pepper and his Problems Don Pedro Apr 23 Gregory Pepper and his Problems
The Shipwrecks Don Pedro Apr 21 The Shipwrecks
Dahl Haus Don Pedro Apr 18 Dahl Haus
The Jukebox Romantics Don Pedro Apr 07 The Jukebox Romantics
Suede Razors Don Pedro Apr 01 Suede Razors
Sunshine Riot Don Pedro Mar 25 Sunshine Riot
The Morelings Don Pedro Mar 24 The Morelings
RBI Don Pedro Mar 24 RBI
Swinging Riot Don Pedro Mar 15 Swinging Riot
Shlomo Franklin Don Pedro Mar 12 Shlomo Franklin
Alright Junior Don Pedro Mar 10 Alright Junior
Quail Turret Don Pedro Mar 06 Quail Turret
Andrew Marshall Don Pedro Mar 06 Andrew Marshall
Freya Wilcox Don Pedro Feb 25 Freya Wilcox