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The Van Buren

The Van Buren

401 W Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ
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Alkaline Trio at Phoenix, AZ in The Van Buren 2024
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Fan Reviews

September 19th 2023
It was an amazing show. They don't just "cover" a song. They take you to the era and make you feel the smoothness and the vibes which only Yacht Rock songs can. YRR combines great talent and hard work together to bring you a performance with heart and appreciation for a genre that didn't have a name until they brought it to life years ago in 2007. With the addition of Kourtney and Keisha a few years ago, they've opened up the playlist to let the audience reminisce and show the newbies what Yacht Rock is all about. I've seen other yacht rock bands and I love them all, but no one can showcase Yacht Rock like Yacht Rock Revue. The Van Buren is a wonderful venue and the acoustics in there are very crisp and clean, as i have seen many shows there - shows of various genres. I was fortunate to see them the night before at Humphrey's in San Diego, and they did not lose any of the energy they brought there. I recommend seeing a Yacht Rock show, and then I urge you to "experience" a Yacht Rock Revue concert. I look forward to seeing them open up for Kenny Loggins in October. They usually play solo, but for Kenny Loggins, they jumped at the chance to open for him on his final tour.
April 11th 2023
Astonishing. I was only the most casual fan with only a passing familiarity, prior to this show. I didn’t realize they were basically nouveau-electro-indie-prog-rock. Fucking incredible show, and the set list of lesser-known songs was refreshing and very much appreciated. Despite literally the worst crowd I’ve possible ever had the displeasure of being a part of (shame, Phoenix, for real. Is everyone just on Xanax, or what?) , it was top 20 shows for me, among hundreds
February 5th 2023
Bush rocked! It was as if Gavin Rossdale hasn't aged since 16 Stone, still the same energy & showmanship, and of course voice. The big hits mixed with a few new songs really set the crowd on fire. Gavin hopped off the stage and circled the crowd from one end to the other, singing and entertaining some pictures. PRICELESS. The drummer was CRAZY AMAZING, and the lead guitarist played his ass off to keep everyone on point & rocking throughout the night. BUSH has the magic it takes to play live & you feel it.
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