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McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

McMenamins Crystal Ballroom Verified

1332 W Burnside
Portland, OR
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Live Photos of McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

BoyWithUke at Portland, OR in McMenamins Crystal Ballroom 2024
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Fan Reviews

April 14th 2024
In true Flaming Lips fashion, they shot human remains from a cannon into the crowd: can’t repeat that one! Although a bit macabre, it had the spirit of celebration. Drozd contributed keyboard for opening band Particle Kid on a a deliciously soupy cover of Radiohead’s “The Anthem”. Flaming Lips brough guest Nell Smith onstage for a cover of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”. After a bumpy start Coyne helped out a little, showing the band’s generous support for their fellow artists. The show was extremely welcome after addictively spinning American Head to help us through the pandemic. The band and their fans could finally connect in the same space.
April 6th 2024
The stellar performance everyone was expecting from both Sleater-Kinney and Black Belt Eagle Scout. With some interesting and humorous anecdotes for Corin, Carrie, and KP. I’ve never been a big fan of the Crystal Ballroom. Too many steps and not enough bathrooms. In fact, the only band I’ve ever seen there, is Sleater-Kinney. This was like the 10th time. I didn’t even live in Portland till 2015. It’s some sort of mashocistic pattern. My only complaint is S-K won’t play “Crusader” live. It seems like a song made for Portland. I suppose they have their reasons. Stitch.
January 5th 2024
The Dreadnoughts were awesome, 5 stars. The lead of the "headliner" band, bridge city sinners was in the hospital or something? I don't know, I was standing in line for the bar during the announcement. Basically the remaining band members came on the stage one at a time over an unremarkable set of several songs, which just proceeded to make the entire crowd's revved-up energy from the Dreadnoughts fizzle out completely. Everybody around me was grumbling "why don't they just bring the Dreadnoughts back out?" They barely salvaged any of their set by getting their first opener back out to do two the Devil Makes Three staples at the very end of the night.
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