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The Showbox

The Showbox Verified

1426 1st Ave
Seattle, WA
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Set It Off at Seattle, WA in The Showbox 2024
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Fan Reviews

April 13th 2024
Hello Margaret, I love your music! You have a beautiful voice. You have a novel and warm relationship to making a guitar sing too. Your lyrics beautifully combine the intellectual and emotive. You take your time. The acoustic composition is multilayered and textural. You have a fabulous dynamic range from inward & contemplative, to driving & powerful. I came to the The Last Dinner Party show in Seattle not to see The Last Dinner Party, but to see you! I was so excited. The light show was cool, but I kept waiting for the sparse lines to brighten to a wash so that I could see you. It never happened. I and your other fans were there to connect with you, but it was so hard to do that without being able to see you. At the end of the show you waved and smiled at us, finally visible, and you are such a warm personality! Please share that with us during the show too. But even more importantly, you deserve a band. Your music is complex, multilayered, and to do that live you need multiple people. Instead we got each composition mostly on a recorded track, with you boxed in by each song’s predetermined pathway. So little play, so little spontaneity, and the stage missing the electric energy your material deserves to be radiating in person. Margaret I love your work so much, and I want you to succeed! I hope you manage to bring what you do to the stage more fully and more human-ly: your face visible, a band collaborating with you. That will get us in the audience so much more excited and joyful. And supporting you to make more and more beautiful music. We love you!
December 4th 2023
This Mammoth WVH show was my first experience seeing the band. Having followed Wolfgang's musical career, it is fantastic to see that he is finally doing what HE wants to do and his music shows how much of a gifted, talented and hard-working musician that he is. His debut album was nothing short of outstanding and his sophomore record achieved what few artists can accomplish as it delivered on taking his song creation, musicianship and sonic bliss to the next level. While so many reviewers make comparisons to other groups or to the work of his father, simply enjoying Wolfgang's music and performances for what they are (magnificent) should be how people take note. The band was sharp and locked-in on every tune and it was very easy to see that Mammoth WVH is a cohesive unit, watching the performance last night. Wolfgang's commentary ahead of several songs was very engaging with an audience, predominated by septuagenarians and sexagenarians, was largely present with the misguided anticipation of hearing Mammoth WVH perform songs from Wolfgang's first gig. Few in the audience knew his music but could not help but to be drawn into the songs from the catalog of Mammoth WVH songs. Being less than 10 feet from the stage, the sound mix was loud and clean with chest-pounding being driven by the kick drum and bass. The vocals were perfectly layered in with the lead and rhythm guitar frequencies. For an audience that was overwhelmingly aged (bereft of hair color or balding), between songs, Wolfgang had to chide them to behave even calling them out for being "dicks" at the front of the stage.
November 27th 2023
We literally decided to go last minute and it was the best judgment call I've ever made; like we bought our tickets inside the venue right before Austin Meade came out 😭 Needless to say, it was SO worth the money. Also shoutout to Carson Macc for an impromptu Rolling Stones cover with them??? wtf??? Couldn't handle that after seeing Mac Saturn literally the night before-ANYWAY yes I recommend pls don't hesitate like I did cause I almost missed such a fantastic night out!!!
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