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The Oriental Theater

The Oriental Theater Verified

4335 W 44th Ave
Denver, CO
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UnityTX at Denver, CO in The Oriental Theater 2024
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Fan Reviews

OMG! Zoso was spot on. What an amazing show! I couldn’t believe the talent. I was blown away. Such an amazing show. I was and still am mind- blown by the performance. The passion literally showed on each of their faces as they were performing! I hope we get to see Zoso again and soon in Denver. It was a magical experience! I was literally weak in my knees and just literally made my heart so happy to see this show! Incredibly sexy show! Thank you, Zoso! Thank you, Oriental for bringing this show to town. Much gratitude!
December 17th 2023
Omg! I am such a fan, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen so many bands, so many shows and met a few members at a few shows, been backstage and 10 years is way at the top with performance, lights and energy. I can’t wait for you to come back to Denver. I would love a meet and greet! Thank you so much for a great show and can’t wait for the next one
Fantastic performance by TKK!!! I brought my son with me to this show (yes I'm old...) and we both had a great time! Such positive energy and vibes from the band and the entire crowd that night! I was able to get down there early and meet up with Groovie Man before the show! We sat out on the side of the venue talking as he was signing a few albums for about an hour before Buzz beckoned him to get back stage to start getting set up. Super friendly soul the Groove Dude has! I will relish our conversation forever on brother. "YOU'RE ONE OV US!"
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About The Oriental Theater

The Oriental Theater serves as an anchor of the bustling Tennyson Art and Business District and serves the broad interests of Denver’s burgeoning cultural scene.
In addition to a full offering of music, comedy, film and other live performances, the theater is available for private parties, lectures, corporate meetings, non-profit fundraisers, and other special events.
Enjoy events, shows, and performances: by local- to internationally recognized artists, any night, all year; produced by the Oriental, by local, regional and national promotional teams, and by friends like you.
Experience the show from the multi-leveled chair and table seating, the giant dance floor, or up in our 100+ seating balcony. Notice the subtle nuances in sound quality, reflecting the Theater’s birth in a time before mechanical sound amplification. The view from anywhere in the house is never obstructed!
Watch shows on the big screen – the giant 30′ × 20′ (that’s 600 square feet!) projection screen can play any Blueray or DVD— screen your film project on the big screen!!!
Please join us at the Oriental Theater, at 44th and Tennyson in Denver. Bring your friends and enjoy!
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