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Friday, May 11th, 2018
7:00 PM
Suspended somewhere over The Tennessee River is the sound of a band tearing apart and rearranging their countless influences, the sound of reinvention and adaptation that follows in the wake of a steady progressive rock heartbeat. And Chattanooga, TN outfit Over Easy is the source of that dense and complicated noise, a band that favors experimentation and the clatter of an especially captivating guitar riff thrown against a studio wall. By shattering the expectations of what most people consider progressive rock, the band opens the floodgates on what they can achieve within this specific branch of music.By giving free rein to both their subtle and extravagant compulsions, the band approaches these labyrinthine jazz and funk-fueled rock landscapes with a command and awareness that feels mature while still possessing a spontaneous exuberance. Their inclination to simultaneously move into the lighter and darker aspects of their group intuition at any given moment highlights the band’s willingness to adapt and reinterpret the established framework of their sound. It’s that spark of unexpected innovation that drives them to reshape the progressive rock genre in their own image.