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Dome Dwellers // Honey and Salt (ATX) // Fun Button // SeaFire
Saturday, April 7th, 2018
9:00 PM
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Dome Dwellers (Art Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Math Rock, Experimental from Denton)
"Local act Dome Dwellers started off the night, and their indie-rock, Vampire Weekend-like vibes were thoroughly engaging and crowd-pleasing. -- The Dwellers’ unique, heavier riffs were especially hard-hitting and were the highlights of their set, along with their stage presence. In all, it was a very solid performance."

Honey and Salt (Indie-Mathy-Proggy-Rock band from Austin)
Honey and Salt seek to cut through the pessimistic fog of seemingly inescapable sociopolitical unease, and highlight the vital capability of the individual. Where many bands look for commonality amongst its members’ tastes, Honey and Salt revel in their differences, seamlessly blending their disparate influences into a sound that manages to be complex without sacrificing immediacy. The self-titled album deftly utilizes everything from Kinsella-esque guitar lines, to post-rock dynamics, to hardcore ferocity — all while packing an emotional resonance straight out of DC’s Revolution Summer — and finds the band completely comfortable with balancing their intricacies.

Fun Button (Indie / blues / rock / post-punk from Denton)

SeaFire (Prog/Math-Rock from Denton)