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HealthFest Indy
Friday, April 20th, 2018
7:00 PM
HEALTHNET is back in the DIY game, little babies.

Let's all band together to celebrate HEALTH this April the 20th, with a super groovy lineup of touring tigers and local lions and bumpin' bears oh my.

River Thief (Indianapolis) - crestfallen anthems on glassy bedroom guitars but romantic af somehow

The Maness Brothers (St. Louis) - doomy blues metal from the stoney cave mouth of upside down Olympus

Jeremiah Stokes (Indianapolis) - Kendrick Lamar meets Edgar Allen Poe at a Grateful Dead show, faded

Tombaugh Regio (Indianapolis) - glossy dream poppy dance punk celebration machine (with a skateboard irl)

500 Miles To Memphis (Cincinnati) - southern gothic Americana punk with whiskey (or blood, no it's whiskey) trailing outta those handsome beards

Michael Trash (Anderson) - glitchy cosmo-navelgazer trip-hop altar call

Indian Old School (Anderson) - tinytown grunge punk but by gentle brother poet people but we all gotta yell some time yaknow

the Roof Dogs (Columbus) - Jangling and angular alt-rock with more hooks than a tacklebox (this is a fishing term)

Hex Mundi (Indianapolis) - space cowboy swagger indie psychedelia with some sort of gnome guitar and let's face it you are gonna feel GOOD

All this and more can be yours for the young price of $10 to support the ARTS baby.

Healthnet is DIY art venue behind a facility where people train to drive semi-trucks in the East side on Raymond. It can be hard to find but we'll be sure to post directions closer to the event.

All ages are welcome.

Set times will be posted later too, but don't be lame. Come discover some stuff. These bands are cool, friend.