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The Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein - Calgary
Sunday, April 29th, 2018
2:00 PM
Grey Eagle (Ball Room)
Rocky View County, Canada
The Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein
Presented by Jamie Janover,
ambassador for the Resonance Science Foundation

Live at the The Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Calgary, AB, Canada

Presentation Description:

The ascended masters have been telling us we are "All ONE" for thousands of years... now SCIENCE is explaining the how and why of what they already knew!

In this extraordinary presentation, Jamie Janover will answer all these questions and more by guiding you through Nassim Haramein’s lifelong exploration into the geometry of space-time, which has resulted in an exciting comprehensive Unification theory based on a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations. This award-winning unified field theory offers scientific confirmation and brings together the many disciplines and teachings of spiritual masters throughout history in one elegant theory of an infinite fractal geometric universe.

Have you ever wondered about how the universe really works? How we fit in? Have you experienced the micro-macro dynamics of existence, or sensed it? Do you feel, or instinctually know that everything truly is “all one”? Or felt that science has been looking in the wrong direction? Focusing on exclusive material particles, rather than inclusive fundamental principles? Where is the cohesion in the chaos? Have you ever wondered what ancient societies may have known or experienced that we have either discarded or forgotten? And where did they learn it?

Haramein’s series of scientific papers, including his latest award-winning paper “The Schwarzschild Proton” which describes the proton as a mini black hole, propose solutions to the long-sought quest for a unification of not only all of physics, but also that of cosmology, chemistry, biology, anthropology, geology, psychology and the evolution of consciousness thereby revolutionizing our current understanding of our place in the universe.

This groundbreaking theory, which incorporates torque, coriolis effects and the nonlinear mathematics of fractal systems, has been delivered to the scientific community through peer-reviewed papers and presentations at international physics conferences. The concepts are presented in layman terminology, so you don’t need a science background to understand this amazing set of information.

Haramein’s research into not only every field of science but also an attunement to the knowledge of ancient civilizations from around the world has led to a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure of the universe, an in-depth change in our current perception of physics and consciousness creating an exciting unified tapestry of space-time which may prove to be one of the most important scientific, philosophical and technological discoveries of our time.

About Nassim Haramein:

Nassim Haramein has spent most of his life fascinated by and researching the geometry of hyperspace, theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation. Through this, the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged. He founded a non-profit organization, the Resonance Project Foundation, where as the Director of Research, he continues exploring unification principles and their implications in our world today.

As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already discovering the universal dynamics of matter and energy, which led him on a journey toward pioneering a new approach to quantum gravity and continual developments in unified field theory. He grew up with an innate reverence for the design of nature and a determination to discover the basic building blocks of creation. Nassim dedicated most of his time to his independent investigation into physics, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and various world religions. Post his development of unification theory, he has since been delivering worldwide lectures and seminars for over 20 years.

About Jamie Janover, presenter

Jamie Janover has long been interested in the intersection of science and all things considered spiritual, so when he first came across Nassim Haramein lecturing at a music festival in 2002, the dots connected. Ever since that time, Jamie has been delving ever deeper into the world of unified physics and ancient cultures through the lens of Nassim Haramein’s theories. In his extensive world travels on tour as a professional musician Jamie has explored ancient sites around the world, photographing and researching their mysterious origins.

Jamie Janover was taught by Nassim Haramein how to deliver presentations on his unified field theory in 2008 as one of the Resonance Science Foundation’s original Emissaries. In 2012, he became the Resonance Project’s first Ambassador and took over for Nassim in teaching 3-day Delegate Programs, an in-person course that became the Delegate Program online course in the Resonance Academy. Jamie has delivered hundreds of comprehensive presentations on Nassim’s work at events, conferences and festivals wold-wide in places as far-reaching as New Zealand, Egypt, India, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, England, Mexico and all-across the USA from New York to Hawaii.

Comments from people who have attended Jamie’s presentations:

“You (Jamie Janoevr) officially reached most of the longing corners of my brain, heart, being, consciousness...spirit. Thank you for making some connections in a very approachable way for me- I believe I'm glowing right now. - Lisa Hendrick

“You (Jamie) do an amazing job of sustaining your energy and bandwidth while downloading that much information in such a short period. I have always shied away from the sacred geometry component of the mystery, and thanks to you I finally have a sense of its importance.”- Aharon Ben Or

“Your casual, but very literate and intense presentation was one of the best I've seen in a while. There was an obvious structure to your presentation, but you also allowed The Flow to help you along, making the mix much more specifically directed to the audience and what they needed to hear.”- Tony M. Davis

“I was really glad I got to attend (Jamie Janover's presentation) and have been in such a wonderfully inspired mood since. It really helped to connect a lot of dots for me.”- Evan Smith

“(Jamie Janover) is one of the most talented course presenters I have ever experienced, and I have attended many, many courses and seminars during my twelve years in the States!”- Debbie Jade

“Thanks so much for your presentation. You do an amazing job of sustaining your energy and bandwidth while downloading that much information in such a short period.”- Ahron Ben Or

"With Jamie’s workshop you will gain the knowledge how the divine cosmos is actually tied together, and learn the vocabulary to talk about it with verbal dexterity and mental comprehension.

This will enrich your life and bring you to a place of living life with purposeful intent. Simply learning the tools, the linguistic codes will help you to decipher mysteries which have eluded you until now. You will gain a deep understanding from what you hear and read which will serve you so much better in your journey toward conscious enlightenment."- Alastair Gregor

Nassim Haramein and The Resonance Science Foundation: