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Frameworks Live Band
Thursday, April 12th, 2018
9:30 PM
Lush, symphonic compositions full of delicate strings, pulsing bass, and thrilling vocals litter the catalog of Matthew James Brewer, the Manchester-based performer and producer known as Frameworks. With a masterful LP, two EP's, and another on the way in 2017, Brewer has conquered massive festival stages in the United States and toured the UK with his label chief Emancipator. Returning to Loci Records for KINGS due out this year, Frameworks follows up Branches, a stunning, sorrowful, and uplifting set of tracks that emerged in 2015.

mxxnwatchers is the musical brainchild of Gunter M. Jones. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, mxxnwatchers fuses deep, spatial electronic elements with organic, live instrumentation. The instrumental music creates an ethereal and submersible experience intended to set each listener on their own path of inspiration.