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Maynes Good Time w/McWavy
Thursday, April 5th, 2018
9:00 PM
Maynes Good Time April Edition: McWavy, Rudeboylogic, more tba at 123 Pleasant Street presented by Shawmaynes --Doors 9pm-- --Music 10pm-2am-- --Tickets $10 Door - Online TBA-- --Wednesday, April 4-- -- 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV-- --Flow Approved-- --18+ -- ---Line Up---- --McWavy-- -Baltimore, MD- Unique curated stage design and aesthetics to create an immersive sensory experience. "As you can hear for yourself today, McWavy is an authentic blend of vibrations from the soul manifesting hopes and dreams into reality. " "At the age of 6, McWavy began in depth preparation to become a professional classical pianist. Growing up with an admiration for psychedelic rock powerhouses such as Keith Emerson of ELP, Richard Wright of Pink Floyd, and Geoff Downes of Yes she began exploring electronic production techniques. Along the way, a similarly deep appreciation for jazz lead to the desire to learn the alto,tenor, and baritone saxophone. With her combination of keyboards, saxophone and eclectic instrumentation such as the didgeridoo, McWavy composes a blend of unique multi-genre music that tears at the heart and encourages listeners to utilize their creativity. Drawing from a myriad of genres, Her sound is attributed to a culmination of influences creating a sound unique to the vibrations within the soul. Her live performance enchants audiences with impressive on the go improvisation and raw emotional power through complex layers of instrumentation. You can expect her vivid imagination to curate an unparalleled adventure through auditory stimulation for her listeners in every performance. " "McWavy has shared the stage with acts such as: The Russ Liquid Test, Freddy Todd, Esseks, Exmag, Sayer, Spankalicious, Smith, Alejo, Crywolf, Space Jesus, Candyland, and Sun Dried Vibes." --Rudeboylogic-- -Maryland- "Up and coming artist developing his own unique style, while inspiring the crowd through unique bass wobbles that will keep you moving." ---Live Artists---- --Stellar Primitive Creations-- -Caitlin Santa Barbara- Live artist based out of Morgantown, WV. Both creating art and live music have always been important to me, the way both of these simple activities bring like minded people together and make them feel genuine happiness is so wonderful to me. My goal is to inspire and create while simultaneously getting down to some dank beats with you special human beings! Let me take ya mind on a journey ~~~ --Reverence Art-- "Swirling colors to push photons straight to your eyeholes! Morgantown based artist and designer." ----Vendors--- --Shawmaynes - Maynly Threads-- "Maynly Threads is the merch, clothing, and accessories thread to the Shawmaynes community. We specialize in local, hand-crafted goods and wares. --Stellar Primitive Creations-- -info above- see ya there mayne...