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Rally Of Lúgh Longarm festival 2018
Saturday, July 28th, 2018
7:00 PM
The lands of Louth will rumble once more with the thunder of drums and screaming guitars as we follow the path of the ancient God Lúgh (pron. Lou) whose name has been given to this county. In Louth, we pride ourselves on being the region where most Irish myths and legends take place. But to us, it’s not considered folklore.... it’s our DNA. Not only does Lúgh lend his name to this county but August, Irish - Lúghnasadh, is also named in his honor and this festival will always celebrate Lúgh on the eve of his month. The Rally Of Lúgh Longarm - Join us in celebrating 3 days of the best music and old school revelry that all walks of life will enjoy....all the while making new lifelong friends.