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Thursday, March 1st, 2018
8:00 PM
HOORAY for it! From now on Jazz is not about fancy philosophical stuff: It’s about You and Me! It’s about everyday life’s little pleasures. But also about its strains and woes and oddities: Which car do I take for buying truffle oil? / What were the consequences of the riots of the Cyprian Wizards? / Why does an overdose of raspberries causes a flu? / How sounded that legendary Pacgirl gaming machine? Back in the days three normal guys set forth to dignify everday life: Tobias Pfister, Noah Punkt and Ramón Oliveras whoosh around issues within the limits of imagination. Not with words – with music – beautiful music – music that surrounds these three wonderful instrumentalists: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Contemporary Classical Music – Everything! Because the End justifies the Means: Twelve Tone Melodies vs. Jazz Harmonics vs. Pop Rhythm and vice versa. Tobias Pfister – Saxophone Noah Punkt – El-Bass, Composition Ramón Oliveras – Drums, Percussion