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Gigapalooza 2018
Saturday, April 28th, 2018
6:00 PM
Gigapalooza 2018- How It Came About Gigapalooza 2018 is the second annual festival celebrating Old Frisco and all things “Coon.” It started out as an idea in the mind (well, what mind he has left anyway!) of longtime Frisco resident, raconteur, and libertine Gregory E. “Gig” Gross. Outgoing and enigmatic, a true rebel in every sense of the word, he needed to get back to Frisco to see his many, many friends. He was daydreaming one day and an idea came to him. “I could have a get-together, something informal near Frisco and round up all my friends.” The notion began to take root and before he knew it he had it all planned. He would rent the conference center at Hidden Cove Park on Lake Lewisville near Frisco. Have a barbecue and a band and make it an all-day affair so it would be great for socializing. Being on disability, therefore impecunious, he was faced with the challenge of how to go about procuring the funds for such an undertaking. Then it came to him…. use the GoFundMe site on Facebook. Have some kind folks chip in to help defray the costs. In just a little over a week he had enough with which to get started. Next he needed a name for the event. Somewhat narcissistic in nature, Gig came up with “Gigapalooza,” which took care of two things. The first part to satisfy his vainglorious needs; the second part to convey the jubilee atmosphere. Johnny Standerfer will be serving his wonderful barbecue throughout the day. Jeff Smithart, 2017 Outlaw Country Artist of the Year, will be providing the live music from 6 to 10 pm. Jeff’s good. Real good. If you are reading this, Gig says, consider it an invitation to join him at the festival. It helps if you consider him to be your friend, but come anyway even if you haven’t yet met him. You’re likely to leave having made a new friend. Or two. Or a bunch! The get-together will be held on April 28, 2018 from 10 am. to 10 pm. at Hidden Cove Park, 20400 Hackberry Creek Road, Frisco, TX 75034. Last year’s turnout was a lot better than could have ever been expected. It is anticipated that this year will be even better than that! Hope to see you there!