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Sunday, April 1st, 2018
7:00 PM
After giving the man the chance he deserved, come away from your wall of denial and celebrate! This is truly an administration that represents TAOS...New Mexico...because it's not Mexico...

TMB and KNCE want to be the first in our community to show our support for "He who promises the return of Greatness". Just like a savior, Greatness will only reign down on those who "believe". Believe in our Commander....NOW! Is the time!

Fill up the gun racks in your trucks and don't forget the ammo! This is gonna be one like no other, so leave the kids at home and wail your trumpet all day long!

This is an 18 and older event. Bring your I.D. if you want to drink ;-) ;-) It is TMB after all ;-) ;-)