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Old Man Luedecke Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

Old Man Luedecke

Apr 16, 2024

7:00 PM EDT
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Old Man Luedecke Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

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About Hugh's Room Live: Welcome to Hugh's Room Live, Toronto's premier destination for live music enthusiasts! Located at our new home on Broadview Avenue, we are thrill...
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Old Man Luedecke Biography

Old Man Luedecke (Chris Luedecke) is a singer and banjo player living near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Old Man Luedecke left the big old city of Toronto, met a girl in the Yukon, fell in love, bought a banjo and fell in love again. After a couple of years of love and banjo and the makings of a brilliant performing career in sunny Halifax, he returned to the Yukon with his sweethearts. There he woodshedded. He wrote a tone of songs over the next year and a half. He held regular gigs playing banjo in a gambling hall with can-can girls and in a honky tonk called the Snakepit accompanying piano barnacle Bob. Even made an appearance at the Dawson City Music Festival. After a time, he left again for Halifax to renew musical acquaintances and record his debut CD Mole in the Ground. That CD has become a smash on college radio, was featured on CBC's Atlantic Airwaves and is a hot item in stores and at shows. He continues to live in Halifax and perform there and around the country to ever-wider acclaims. His stage show blends hokum and inspiration into powerful and fun entertainment that will delight young and old. He's still sweet on the girl he met up there in Yukon, and the banjo
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