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Claude VonStroke Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

Claude VonStroke

Dec 16, 2023

8:00 PM GMT
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Claude VonStroke Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

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About the venue

Drumsheds does things a little bit differently, and in an unashamedly massive way. Hybrid, multi-level, multi-room, set in a disused industrial warehouse in North London ...
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Claude VonStroke Biography

Claude VonStroke is grateful. He has released a bunch of albums, singles and remixes and created original festivals, events and tour concepts. He started Dirtybird Records almost 20 years ago and still looks ok for being over 50. The hair isn’t really going in the right direction but what can you do?

Most importantly Claude loves music. He loves putting little blips and yelps in the perfect spots to finish a beat. He loves making big bass sounds and nonsensical vocals. He loves finding new artists that nobody has ever heard of and giving them a shot. He spends so much time doing this that he forgets to call his friends a lot of the time and has to apologize to them.

If there is any free time Claude talks to his kids and collects X-men comics from the 1980’s. He would also really love to get an original full size stand up arcade Centipede at his house but he still hasn’t convinced his wife that it’s a great idea.

BTW Claude’s wife Aundy is great. Just sayin.

One more thing. Claude does not really want to post on socials but he does want people to know when music and tour dates are happening so if anyone has figured out how to navigate that reality successfully, please let him know.
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