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Alix Page Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

Alix Page

Bandsintown Big Break Livestream

Streaming on

Jul 28, 2022

1:00 AM UTC
Alix Page Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts
About this concert
Continuing its mission to promote emerging artists across Bandsintown’s network of live music fans and beyond, Big Break will now bring the immersive world of NFTs into the fold during monthly livestreams sponsored by Forj, where audiences will have the opportunity to not only discover new music, but receive a free, exclusive Big Break NFT associated with each artist. Available only during one-time livestreams, these NFTs will be made in collaboration between each Big Break act and an emerging visual artist. The fifth stream is set to take place July 27th with Alix Page! The Los Angeles musician has teamed up with visual artist Natalie Minguez to create their virtual laminate, which will be minted and distributed by Forj.
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What fans are saying

June 15th 2024
Alix played a captivating acoustic set of literally all of her songs for an adoring group of her fans. The venue was small, intimate and personal. Virtually every song was accompanied by her great fans (who know and sing all the lyrics!). Andrew Pham also made an appearance as he joined her on guitar and vocals for a few tunes. Everything was amazing and sounded incredible. Now she’s off for an acoustic tour in Europe. Congrats Alix, so proud of you!!!
Los Angeles, CA@
Genghis Cohen
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Alix Page Biography

At first, Southern California-born Alix Page may seem indistinguishable from the average teenager. She has a severe love for skorts, has been dubbed “a pleasure to have in class” on more than one occasion, and still revels in the feeling of seeing someone’s bedroom for the first time. Instantly, Alix Page transforms into the best friend you didn’t know you had. Although ordinary, upon closer examination you’ll find yourself enthralled by Alix’s unconventional inner world, rooted with talents beyond her teenage years.

Along with her innate kindness, Page is equipped with a multitude of irrefutable abilities. At 3, she began reciting songs in full to anyone who’d listen. At 5, she found trouble by openly humming during parent-teacher conferences. Page discovered her love of expressing vulnerable emotions through song, backed by her perfect pitch and multi-instrumentalism, branching outwards with each shaping experience in life. For Alix Page, admiring, reflecting upon, and performing each passing moment is an effortless expression of bravery, honesty, and clarity.

Though we all come from unique walks of life, Alix Page proves we are the same type of different. Through vulnerability, we find ourselves in common emotional footing from the events we share. Page’s music, shaped by memories and fueled by passion, shares with us her journey as she further falls into her identity, formally known as Alix Page.
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