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Django Moves to Portland Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

Django Moves to Portland

Aug 25, 2019

4:00 PM PDT
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Django Moves to Portland Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts
About this concert
A lovely Sunday evening w/ musical performances by: Yoko OK, Django Moves to Portland, Ruthie Sea, and Origami Ghosts. Doors @ 4pm; Music @ 5pm. Ellie’s Castle** One mile West of El Cerrito del Norte BART. DM for address **Ellie is a cat. Please be sure to read the house info/requests below! Please think about bringing a donation for the touring band... Yoko OK alternative antifolk indie lyrical minimalist trippy Django Moves to Portland indie folk pop Ruthie Sea indie folk Origami Ghosts Seattle Austin twee alternative antifolk +++++ Origami Ghosts take the West Coast route again as they ride their new release "Healthy Travel Potions" from Seattle back to Austin. "There’s a pervasive thread of the mystical that runs throughout the album. The pair has created a celebration of nature and spirituality unveiled over a thick haze of jangling guitars, atmospheric keys, and Scesniak’s infectious vocal melodies." -- The Big Takeover. +++++ Join Origami Ghosts for this intimate evening of music at Ellie's Castle, a new house show house, with local spectacularos: Yoko OK, Django Moves to Portland and Ruthie Sea! House info/requests: 1.) Ellie is a cat who recently celebrated her 15th birthday and is perfect. She is very chill and we will vacuum and run the air purifier. 2.) Unfortunately the house is not especially accessible for folks with limited mobility — there are 3.5 steps to enter through the front, one step to enter through the back, and one step halfway through the hallway. 3.) Not a strictly no-scent house, but nearly so. Please be mindful of scented product use. 4.) A preferably-shoes-off house. 5.) Coasters are cool. We have plenty, please use them. 6.) Smoking by the little tree in the backyard only please. 7.) Absolutely no tolerance for jerks. Don’t be that person. 8.) This home is a treasure. Please treat it as such. 💗🏡💗 9.) Is a magical number. ✨
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Django Moves to Portland Biography

Django Moves to Portland is an East Bay-based indie folk pop band led by songwriter Hannah Werdmuller, with Brian Grupé on drums, and Ariel Wang on violin. Originally formed by previous members of psychedelic freak folk band Chonk! and later adding Ariel Wang on violin, Django Moves to Portland veer from foot-stomping murder ballads to playful songs about the lifestyle choices of animals. Blending the folk tradition with pop principles, Django Moves to Portland create lyrically voluptuous, often irreverent songs that are as poignant as they are powerful.
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