Tucson, AZ
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Tucson

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Ted Riviera's Gunrunners Tucson Nov 18 Ted Riviera's Gunrunners
Whiskey Knuckles Tucson Nov 18 Whiskey Knuckles
Bacon Festival Tucson Nov 19 Bacon Festival
AZ Bacon Fest Tucson Nov 19 AZ Bacon Fest
Tucson Symphony Orchestra Tucson Nov 19 Tucson Symphony Orchestra
Michael Stern Tucson Nov 19 Michael Stern
Drew Petersen Tucson Nov 19 Drew Petersen
Grieg Piano Concerto Tucson Nov 19 Grieg Piano Concerto
The True Mayhem Tucson Nov 19 The True Mayhem
The April Verch Band Tucson Nov 19 The April Verch Band
Immolation Tucson Nov 19 Immolation
Black Anvil Tucson Nov 19 Black Anvil
Mayhem at Rialto Theatre Tucson Nov 19 Mayhem at Rialto Theatre
Laughing Liberally Tucson Nov 19 Laughing Liberally
Ray William Johnson Tucson Nov 20 Ray William Johnson
Francis Cronin Tucson Nov 20 Francis Cronin
Kaja Martin Tucson Nov 20 Kaja Martin
Belinda Esquer Tucson Nov 20 Belinda Esquer
Barns Courtney Tucson Nov 21 Barns Courtney
Barnes Courney Tucson Nov 21 Barnes Courney