Jena, Germany
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Jena

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Piers Faccini Jena Nov 25 Piers Faccini
Mother of Exile Jena Nov 25 Mother of Exile
Stahlzeit Jena Nov 25 Stahlzeit
The Running Board Driver Jena Nov 25 The Running Board Driver, The Running Board Driver, Wumme and 2 more...
Klangjuwel Jena Nov 25 Klangjuwel, Jan Leyk
The Rest Of Us Is Dead Jena Nov 25 The Rest Of Us Is Dead
Organic Docs Jena Nov 25 Organic Docs
Manowar Jena Nov 27 Manowar
Schnipo Schranke Jena Nov 28 Schnipo Schranke
Church Of Mental Enlightment Jena Nov 28 Church Of Mental Enlightment
PeterLicht Jena Nov 29 PeterLicht
DŸSE Band Jena Nov 30 DŸSE Band
Laura Hoo Jena Nov 30 Laura Hoo
The Sewer Rats Jena Dec 01 The Sewer Rats, The Skel'tons, The Silver Shine
Seiler und Speer Jena Dec 01 Seiler und Speer
Bergfilm Jena Dec 01 Bergfilm
Syntension Jena Dec 01 Syntension, Devilizer, Alrauna
Elsterglanz Jena Dec 01 Elsterglanz
Seiler Jena Dec 01 Seiler