Eugene, OR
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Eugene

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Life During Wartime Eugene Dec 02 Life During Wartime
courtney swain Eugene Dec 02 courtney swain
Gazelle Eugene Dec 02 Gazelle
Snow White Eugene Dec 02 Snow White
Liz Fohl Eugene Dec 02 Liz Fohl
Mister Blank Eugene Dec 02 Mister Blank
Chris Baron Music Eugene Dec 03 Chris Baron Music, The Baron Ward, Chris Baron Music
The Baron Ward Eugene Dec 03 The Baron Ward, The Baron Ward, Chris Baron Music
Slow Magic Eugene Dec 03 Slow Magic
Qrion Eugene Dec 03 Qrion, Slow Magic
Point Point Eugene Dec 03 Point Point
Matthew Logan Vasquez Eugene Dec 03 Matthew Logan Vasquez, Kelsey Wilson (wild Child) Cameron Neal ( Horse Thief)
Bell Witch Eugene Dec 03 Bell Witch, Monarch
Israel Vibration Eugene Dec 03 Israel Vibration
Bizio Eugene Dec 03 Bizio
Muse Art Mondays Eugene Dec 04 Muse Art Mondays
Plaque Marks Eugene Dec 04 Plaque Marks, Unsane, Plaque Marks
A Perfect Circle Eugene Dec 04 A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine
The Beta Machine Eugene Dec 04 The Beta Machine
Unsane Eugene Dec 04 Unsane