Chur, Switzerland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Chur

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Michael Lane Chur Dec 18 Michael Lane
Oliver Illi Chur Dec 19 Oliver Illi
ZiBBZ Chur Dec 19 ZiBBZ
Dus Chur Dec 20 Dus
Ursina Chur Dec 20 Ursina, Ursina, Dus
DJ Harry K. Chur Dec 21 DJ Harry K., DJ Harry K.
The Jackson Singers Chur Dec 21 The Jackson Singers
Sportelli  Chur Dec 21 Sportelli
Rachel Divà Chur Dec 22 Rachel Divà
PoinTen Chur Dec 22 PoinTen
Puree Chur Dec 22 Puree
Florian Summer Chur Dec 22 Florian Summer, Florian Summer, Damian Lynn
One Day Remains Chur Dec 23 One Day Remains
Baba Shrimps Chur Dec 23 Baba Shrimps
Züri West Chur Dec 23 Züri West
DJ Gibson Praise Chur Dec 23 DJ Gibson Praise
Dana Music Chur Dec 23 Dana Music
Loo & Placido Chur Dec 23 Loo & Placido
Spengler Cup 2017 Chur Dec 26 Spengler Cup 2017