Brno, Czech Republic
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Testament Brno Nov 19 Testament
Mekki Martin (Official) Brno Nov 19 Mekki Martin (Official)
Death Angel Brno Nov 19 Death Angel
The Cake Is A Lie Brno Nov 21 The Cake Is A Lie
Kabát Brno Nov 21 Kabát
Benny Lackner Brno Nov 21 Benny Lackner, TOMAS LISKA TOMAS HOBZEK BENNY LACKNER
YOU (Official) Brno Nov 22 YOU (Official), Walter Giardino's Temple
Mekki Martin (Official) Brno Nov 22 Mekki Martin (Official)
Walter Giardino's Temple Brno Nov 22 Walter Giardino's Temple
Těžkej pokondr Brno Nov 23 Těžkej pokondr
Chris Liebing Brno Nov 24 Chris Liebing
PETDuo Brno Nov 24 PETDuo
Chelina manuhutu Brno Nov 24 Chelina manuhutu, Chris Liebing, Kevin Saunderson and 2 more...
Pet Duo Brno Nov 24 Pet Duo
Many More Brno Nov 24 Many More
Mekki Martin (Official) Brno Nov 24 Mekki Martin (Official)
Aivn's Naked Trio Brno Nov 24 Aivn's Naked Trio, THE PANT
Dj Fernanda Martins Brno Nov 24 Dj Fernanda Martins, Fernanda Martins
Fernanda Martins Brno Nov 24 Fernanda Martins
Golpe Brno Nov 24 Golpe