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About Karmin
R&b/soul, R&b, Pop, Rnb-soul

Fan Reviews
New York, NY@
Pier 26
June 22nd 2016
Loved the Karmin concert! Played hit songs like Brokenhearted, Acapella and Cover songs like Look at me now. It's sad that it was short. I would have preferred it if her performance was longer.
Saginaw, MI@
Temple Theatre
October 2nd 2015
Karmin was the BEST liveperformers I'veeverseeninmylife!! Theway Amy madetheroomcomealivewithelectricityandwayofworkingthecrowdwassimply fantastic!! Shewalkedamongstthecrowd, allowingotherstosingalongwithherandlettingthemtakepictureswithher! I'msobummed I didn'tget a picture, butregardless I was dancingandsingingalong toeverysong!!! Iwishtheywereperforminghereagaintonight!! I'dalsoprefertheirtimeonstagetobelonger! Iwentonlytoseethem. Iwouldmuch preferthemtobe the headliner!!!! Karmin is myabsolutefavoritegroup!! Theirtalentis throughtheroof!! Amysingsso beautifully,whileNick playsthekeyswithacontagious intensityandisanincrediblemusician. Love the way he dances! Speakingofwhich, Amyhassomekillermovesandisatotalblasttowatch!!! Ilove Karmin!!! Karminite forlife!!!! ~Amber
Morrison, CO@
May 10th 2015
Amazing Live Show! PLUS they offered a meet & greet to everyone afterwards! Truly sweet, humble, amazing artists...exactly who I'd hoped they'd be!
Milwaukee, WI@
Rave-Eagles Ballroom-Eagles Club
April 25th 2014
karmin are Amazing in concert!!! Fast past show so much fun
Louisville, KY@
mercury ballroom
April 23rd 2014
Wasn't a fan of opener, Bonnie McKee. The sound was horrible; guitars were too loud and bass too heavy. You couldn't hardly hear her voice at all. Karmin was fantastic but the sound still wasn't stellar. The mixing was just bad. It got better as time progressed. But between poor acoustics in the unfinished, lackluster Mercury Ballroom and the bad sound mixing it was quite disappointing.
St Louis, MO@
The Pageant
April 23rd 2014
It was seriously amazing. They both have so much energy! Amy ended up holding my hand and singing to me. And they are so humble its crazy. When we sang her happy birthday, she almost cried. The opening act, Bonnie McKee was also stellar. amazing. id reccommend to EVERYONE.
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About Karmin
R&b/soul, R&b, Pop, Rnb-soul