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Justin Bieber

4,550,354 Trackers · On Tour
Posted by Justin Bieber
3 days ago
Posted by Justin Bieber
3 days ago
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Fan Reviews
Hi Justin I'm a really big fan of you but I never can come to your concert because I am not down I can also meet you I know you will never get this but I've been a Believer for over 7 years now and hopefully you get this I really want to meet you someday but I can't change your hair like your profile please and I wish you should every night so yeah
Dubai, United Arab Emirates@
Autism Rocks Arena
January 13th 2017
I didn't have the chance to go , but half of my school went there and they had such an awesome day ! Btw they are not really fans of him and went while I'm a fan or a belieber since 2010 and I didn't go because my parents didn't allow me .. and I'm kinda mad at them but it's all good .. I just hope that Justin Bieber just comes back in Dubai and I can have the opportunity to MEET Justin and have a great time with him .. and I'm really happy for all the people who went there .. all I can do is just thank god for what happen or it could've happen worst .. I really hope that everyone had an amazing day .. better luck next time for me ! I was really trying my best to go , but I couldn't !😔💔 I cried A LOT ! But it's all good as long as it's Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez .. I'm a huge fan of them and I love them so much .. hope you guys have an amazing day too .. thank you for giving me the opportunity to rate this all .. I love you guys so much .. 💗💗
Tel Aviv, Israel@
Hayarkon Park
December 9th 2016
The show was amazing and seeing Justin was a dream come true but it was so crowded that I could barely move and breath people were pushing all over the place, I got hit and pushed so many times I came back home soured. It really ruined the excitement. But except this the show was outstanding Justin gave an amazing performance the dancers were incredible and all the lights and fireworks really awesome. I'm pretty sure that everyone could tell that there was a lot of work invested into this concert and that people worked really hard for as to enjoy it. 💜
November 28th 2016
One of the best concerts. He made it personal, and just had fun. I couldn't ask for more. I'm so proud of him. I will see him and the show many times without any doubt. Perhaps he were tired, and exhausted but he gave himself 100% And you can't get on work without being tired sometimes. ❤️❤️
Prague, Czech Republic@
O2 arena
November 6th 2016
The best concert ever!!!❤️ words can't explain how awesome it was breathtaking,unforgottable,wonderful...i love justin his personality and his soul... I felt how much he loves his fans...i have never seen more onest person before..i am so glad i could be there!! It has changed me in a lot of different ways. Thank you justin❤️
Lisbon, Portugal@
Altice Arena
November 3rd 2016
The visuals were pretty cool. The show is built nicely, the band is good as are the dancers.But it's ridiculous that he uses playback and doesn't even hide it. It's sad, really, because when he bothered to actually wake up from his apparent high stupor he sang with a lovely voice.The screaming fans are definitely a down side, since he was drowned by their voices on more than one occasion. My 3 stars go to the experience - I didn't go there expecting a great concert, just a very entertaining show, in the global aspect, and the way the show is built is actually a 4 star ordeal, but his performance and disregard for the public clearly makes it a 3 star sort of night.
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