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Marilyn Manson

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October 30th 2019
It was amazing. I felt like a sardine but it was worth it especially being 1 foot away from shaking hands with the man himself plus it was cool to help crowd surf the lead singer of Deadly Apples. Can’t wait to see Manson again, bern listening to him since the beginning of his first album. Keep rocking Marilyn Manson.
August 5th 2019
I came to see a drugged up poor performance by a man that couldn't hold on to his mic for the life of of him, and would go on to both berate the audience for not getting THAT into his performance and then being be to much of a bitch to perform with the co headliner for Helter Skelter. Would see again.
The Bands performance and stage theatrics were great but Mr Manson himself seemed a lil winded or off cue. He was sloppy and struggled to get all the words. As for the venue, the kids running security at the gates couldn’t of given two shits about they’re job and our safety. The kid just seemed to enjoy being cool with his magnetic wand. Lack of patrols in the lawn area and over service of alcohol to many. People seemed to sneak plenty of hard liquor in and even saw one lady with vodka soaked strawberries. One of the wilder crowds I’ve seen. As far as the arrival and depot traffic they simply need to make the roads more then 1 lane it’s a horrible experience sitting in that traffic
August 4th 2019
My husband and I had an AMAZING time. The show was rock solid, (although the crowd was DEAD the entire time Palaye Royale opened up the show,) it wasn’t their fault - we were all just there to see Manson and Zombie, haha! Rob Zombie just got better since I saw him last about 4 years ago, and Manson (who I specifically went to see,) was phenomenal. Amazing energy and theatrics from the both of them. Can’t wait to see them again, hopefully soon. 🤘🏻
I love Manson, but i’ll be honest I was a little worried going in because I’ve heard a handful of stories about his performances in recent years being awful, but I was pleasantly surprised. His voice was in pretty good shape, he didn’t seem like he was piss drunk, he did a great job engaging with the crowd, and his stage setup was pretty cool looking. My only complaint is that I wish his set was a little bit longer and there were a couple of songs I was hoping to hear that didn’t get played, but I understand it’s difficult to pull that off with a co-headliner. My highlights of his set were his passionate performance of “Nobodies”, the Jesus freaks in the South Dakotan audience refusing to sing along to “SAY10”, and the energy you could feel throughout the whole stadium when he played “The Beautiful People”. It was a fun show, I might see him again in the future.
What a fun show. Manson did amazing. Rob zombie did amazing. Though, Manson...come on man, where's the disgusting asshole I grew up listening to and loving. Chicago Open air, you launched a snot rocket on stage and half the crowd was absolutely appalled and I was one of the few cheering you on. Cause thats what you do. Thats what i pay to see, fuck those bitchs who cant appreciate what you are.
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