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Panic! At The Disco

2,531,113 Trackers · On Tour
About Panic! At The Disco
Band Members:
Brendon Urie
Las Vegas, NV

New album Pray For The Wicked, out June 22nd
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Fan Live Reviews
Inglewood, CA@
The Forum
April 2nd 2019
Everything about this show was amazing. Even better than last year and I didn’t think that was possible. The openers were great. The only downside was that- although we were front row- the stage was set too high and the openers stayed to far back in the stage that we actually could not see them perform. And again- we were in the front and center row. Everyone to the left and right of the front rows could see better as the stage was not set as high. Panic was all over the stage and crowd so that was not so much of an issue with them. Otherwise. Everyone sounded amazing and put on a great show. The venues staff was great and somewhat helpful. And with the exception of a few security guards most were friendly and didn’t kill the excitement, but those security leads and managers, they all had a chip on their shoulder and didn’t forfeit any opportunity to kill the moment for the fans and treated everyone like morons. Even when the majority of people were following their instructions even despite their condescending and righteous tone. They really need to know that there is a better way and they can appear serious and professional with out being a complete dick giving orders like drunken drill sergeants hyped up on liquid courage. I’m not accusing them of drinking on the job for those who don’t understand sarcasm or bad jokes. They should also realize that the fans paid a lot of money just to be there. We didn’t pay all that money just to get treated like crap. Also another thing about the venue is that the security tries to get you out of the room as fast as possible so that it’s ready for someone else for the next show. So don’t even think of lingering around. Even if the band is talking to the crowd and is about to throw a drum stick. And when you actually do need security- such as the case for the poor girl who caught the drum stick Panic’s drummer threw, security was too busy rushing people out that they didn’t even notice the asshole who took it from her and wouldn’t give it back. Literally took it after she caught it and literally had it in her hand. And some jerk literally took it away from her. It’s just wrong. But other than that. It was an amazing show
Amsterdam, Netherlands@
March 20th 2019
i know i have posted a memory before, but i thought i’d add this: while, yes, the band, vocals, sound and lighting were absolutely amazing the security was not. we barely got handed out any water by security. i seriously considered leaving early because i felt like i was gonna pass out. when they DID gave us water (which was 2 times during the entire show) we’d get half a cup and 90% of it would’ve already been drank by the people before us. i saw at LEAST 10 people being taken out of the pit because they passed out or were going to. i’d say, take notes from Ziggo Dome. they give full bottles away (of course, with the cap removed to prevent choking) so that everyone would get some water. and they give it out very frequently as well, like every five minutes. so i’d take notes from them because the security was horrific for the most part.
Houston, TX@
NRG Stadium
March 4th 2019
got there the time the ticket stated, i had to stay 2 hours for some terrible livestock show,,, and standing area meant to be outside of the arena. staff was rude and didnt help us get anywhere, and panic came on 15 minutes after they supposingly were coming on (on the website). the show itself was amazing, and i had a really good time while it lasted. i cant say if it was worth the trouble to travel from san antonio to houston for it, but it sure was an interesting experience.
Albuquerque, NM@
Tingley Coliseum
February 14th 2019
I've wanted to see Panic! in concert for over 12 years now and I was not at all disappointed! Brendon really feeds off of the energy in the crowd, and you can tell that he truly loves what he does. I'm so glad I finally made it to a concert after all these years. If you get a chance to see them, take it! You won't regret it! Also the fact that they allow people to bring in professional cameras is amazing. They want you to enjoy the experience to the fullest and I truly did.
Rosemont, IL@
Allstate Arena
February 5th 2019
This show was absolutely amazing, I loved every second of it. Panic! At the disco never lets you down with a performance. The pride flag we made with the hearts is so beautiful and cool. Brendon took a moment to say that he loves all of us fans and said if we are not accepted for who we are, we are accepted here this band, this fandom I am accepted for who I am brought me to tears. I cannot wait till they come back to Chicago, will always be a sinner forever.
Omaha, NE@
CHI Health Center Omaha
February 3rd 2019
it was absolutely amazing but the arena kinda sucked. they wouldn’t let me bring in my sign that said “i drove five hours to be here for my birthday”, their bag policy was dumb, nobody could find their seats so i had to let people through for like half the show, and this wasn’t the arena’s fault but there were people fighting in front of me the entire show and it really sucked because you could only hear them. panic! at the disco was amazing though and i’m so glad i could see them again!
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About Panic! At The Disco
Band Members:
Brendon Urie
Las Vegas, NV

New album Pray For The Wicked, out June 22nd