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Vancouver, Canada@
PNE Forum
November 14th 2019
AMAZING!! crazy mosh pit! make sure if you can’t handle mosh pits to be there early to get barricade like i did or stand in the back and enjoy the music! amazing at keeping the end ergo alive
November 3rd 2019
The boys did an AMAZING job as always! You could feel all these emotions during the concert, met some really nice people, and got to spend a good fucking time with my sister :) We love you BROCKHAMPTON♥️
March 15th 2019
I’m as big as a fan as you can get, so my natural instinct was that I was going to enjoy the show. I can say that the show went above my expectations and it was an extremely awesome experience because I went with my best friend and had a great time. They played just about every song I love and saved the best for last — BOOGIE. The reason I’m giving this 4 out of 5 stars is because of the venue issues. The venue was huge but the fans were pushing and honestly starting to get aggressive. It was extremely hot and constantly being pushed made me almost consider not enjoying the concert. Luckily, my friend and I were able to move to the back and get some breathing room. We lost our other friend in the crowd, but we luckily found him at the end of the show. Also BROCKHAMPTON came out an hour late. Not a huge issue but it was fun standing for 1.5 hours. Once again I love BROCKHAMPTON, and the concert was nearly perfect. I think next time they should consider going to a bigger venue if possible. The Woodlands Pavilion would be perfect since they are technically from The Woodlands! Anyways, if you’re a fan I’d recommend going to the shows. Definitely bring extra cash for water and make sure you bring good friends.
this concert was amazing and one of the best concerts ive attended. yeah the mosh pit was crazy and borderline life threatening but i’m not a weakling so it was ok. and to the tall asian guy who was in all black, i miss you.
amazing show. every member put so much energy into that venue. i could really feel their passion. BH is a group that will give it their all and do their best to make it a great show. BH crew also did spectacular (doan, romil etc.) only issue is, if you're not ready to mosh, don't mosh!! wild fans.
December 1st 2018
AMAZING! As expected, the crowd was nuts! I started off in the pit, people were already pushing way before the show started just to get to the front, when the light came off it was crazier, everyone screamed and pushed, the person i went with had to hug me from behind so we wouldnt get lost, but of course, im not good with hot temperatures and it was HOT in the pit so i didn't even last the first song and i had to get out👌 Even from the sides, it was really fun and energetic. Can't wait for the next tour:)
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