The Toasters
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Date Venue Location
Nov 19 Cologne, Germany
Nov 18 Flensburg, Germany
Nov 17 Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 15 Bochum, Germany
Nov 12 Telford, United Kingdom
Nov 11 Sandford, United Kingdom
Nov 10 London, United Kingdom
Nov 05 Coventry, United Kingdom
Nov 04 Swindon, United Kingdom
Nov 03 Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
Nov 02 Worcester, United Kingdom
Oct 29 Sankt Peterburg, Russia
Oct 28 Moscow, Russian Federation
Oct 27 Moscow, Russian Federation
Oct 07 Temple, TX
Oct 06 Corpus Christi, TX
Oct 05 New Orleans, LA
Oct 04 Pensacola, FL
Oct 03 New Smyrna Beach, FL
Oct 01 Punta Gorda, FL

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