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Date Lineup
Loose Ends XOYO Aug 23 Loose Ends
Boys Noize XOYO Aug 25 Boys Noize
Erol Alkan XOYO Aug 25 Erol Alkan
Horse Meat Disco XOYO Aug 26 Horse Meat Disco
Loose Ends XOYO Aug 28 Loose Ends
Wax Worx XOYO Aug 29 Wax Worx
The Yoncé Experience XOYO Aug 30 The Yoncé Experience
Gerd Janson XOYO Sep 01 Gerd Janson
Detroit Swindle XOYO Sep 02 Detroit Swindle
Buttering Trio at Xoyo XOYO Sep 07 Buttering Trio at Xoyo
Dam-Funk XOYO Sep 09 Dam-Funk
Pacific State XOYO XOYO Sep 14 Pacific State XOYO
Francois K XOYO Sep 15 Francois K
Jaguar Skills XOYO Sep 21 Jaguar Skills
Erol Alkan XOYO Sep 29 Erol Alkan
Odyssey XOYO Sep 30 Odyssey
No Artists XOYO Sep 30 No Artists
Actress XOYO Nov 02 Actress
Oscar & the wolf XOYO Nov 15 Oscar & the wolf
Oscar and the Wolf XOYO Nov 15 Oscar and the Wolf
Kllo XOYO Nov 23 Kllo
Sneak XOYO Dec 07 Sneak