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Father John Misty CrossroadsKC Aug 20 Father John Misty
Tennis CrossroadsKC Aug 20 Tennis, Father John Misty
Baloney Ponyz CrossroadsKC Aug 25 Baloney Ponyz
Andy Frasco CrossroadsKC Aug 26 Andy Frasco
The U.N. CrossroadsKC Aug 26 The U.N.
The Samples CrossroadsKC Aug 26 The Samples
The MGDs CrossroadsKC Aug 26 The MGDs
Indigo Girls CrossroadsKC Sep 02 Indigo Girls
Becky Warren CrossroadsKC Sep 02 Becky Warren
John Butler Trio CrossroadsKC Sep 03 John Butler Trio
Nattali Rize CrossroadsKC Sep 03 Nattali Rize
Don McLean CrossroadsKC Sep 08 Don McLean
David George CrossroadsKC Sep 08 David George
Busta Rhymes CrossroadsKC Sep 09 Busta Rhymes
Krimer CrossroadsKC Sep 16 Krimer
Boogie T CrossroadsKC Sep 16 Boogie T
Snails CrossroadsKC Sep 16 Snails
The Skatalites CrossroadsKC Sep 22 The Skatalites
Tigers Jaw CrossroadsKC Sep 23 Tigers Jaw, Manchester Orchestra, Foxing
Foxing CrossroadsKC Sep 23 Foxing
Sylvan Esso CrossroadsKC Sep 26 Sylvan Esso, Helado Negro
Helado Negro CrossroadsKC Sep 26 Helado Negro
Monsters of Mock! CrossroadsKC Sep 29 Monsters of Mock!
Busta Rhymes CrossroadsKC Sep 30 Busta Rhymes
Old Salt Union CrossroadsKC Oct 14 Old Salt Union, Strumbellas
Strumbellas CrossroadsKC Oct 14 Strumbellas
Fed Up Fest CrossroadsKC Oct 14 Fed Up Fest
Crossroads Beer Fest CrossroadsKC Oct 21 Crossroads Beer Fest
Los Ángeles Azules CrossroadsKC Oct 22 Los Ángeles Azules
CrossroadsKC 2017 CrossroadsKC Dec 31 CrossroadsKC 2017