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Date Lineup
Creeper Leadmill May 10 Creeper
The Icicle Works Leadmill May 14 The Icicle Works
louis berry Leadmill May 21 louis berry
As It Is Leadmill May 23 As It Is, With Confidence, Jule Vera
With Confidence Leadmill May 23 With Confidence
Jule Vera Leadmill May 23 Jule Vera
The Hosts Leadmill May 26 The Hosts
SHEAFS Leadmill May 27 SHEAFS
Spector Leadmill May 29 Spector
The Sherlocks Leadmill Jun 03 The Sherlocks
Jessarae Leadmill Jul 18 Jessarae
Oasis UK Leadmill Aug 28 Oasis UK
Michael Kiwanuka Leadmill Oct 10 Michael Kiwanuka
Sunset Sons Leadmill Oct 20 Sunset Sons
Afro Celt Sound System Leadmill Nov 05 Afro Celt Sound System
Teenage Fanclub Leadmill Nov 17 Teenage Fanclub
Secret Affair Leadmill Dec 10 Secret Affair
Ian Page Leadmill Dec 10 Ian Page
David Cairns Leadmill Dec 10 David Cairns
Seb Shelton Leadmill Dec 10 Seb Shelton
Dennis Smith Leadmill Dec 10 Dennis Smith