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Steve and the Sea Leadmill Aug 06 Steve and the Sea, North Of The Fall, Ruby Blues and 2 more...
Molly Anna Band Leadmill Aug 06 Molly Anna Band
Steal The City Leadmill Aug 13 Steal The City, Our Saving Day, Eden Haze
Oasis UK Leadmill Aug 28 Oasis UK
Adam French Leadmill Sep 09 Adam French
Rat boy Leadmill Sep 16 Rat boy
Festivile Leadmill Sep 24 Festivile
Arcane Roots Leadmill Sep 24 Arcane Roots
Astoroid Days Leadmill Sep 24 Astoroid Days
Blood Youth Leadmill Sep 24 Blood Youth
Counting Days Leadmill Sep 24 Counting Days
Elegiers Leadmill Sep 24 Elegiers
The Temple Leadmill Sep 24 The Temple
The Time Sellers Leadmill Sep 30 The Time Sellers
Michael Kiwanuka Leadmill Oct 10 Michael Kiwanuka
Drowners Leadmill Oct 14 Drowners
Steve Mason Leadmill Oct 15 Steve Mason
Sunset Sons Leadmill Oct 20 Sunset Sons
Beach Baby Leadmill Oct 21 Beach Baby
Martha Ffion Leadmill Oct 27 Martha Ffion
The Vryll Society Leadmill Oct 29 The Vryll Society
Hidden Charms Leadmill Oct 29 Hidden Charms
Afro Celt Sound System Leadmill Nov 05 Afro Celt Sound System
Teenage Fanclub Leadmill Nov 17 Teenage Fanclub
Walking On Cars Leadmill Nov 19 Walking On Cars
The Heavy Leadmill Nov 21 The Heavy
Can't Swim Leadmill Nov 28 Can't Swim, Boston Manor, Wallflower
Emmy the Great Leadmill Dec 03 Emmy the Great
Dr John Cooper Clarke Leadmill Dec 08 Dr John Cooper Clarke
Hugh Cornwell Leadmill Dec 08 Hugh Cornwell
John Cooper Clarke Leadmill Dec 08 John Cooper Clarke
Secret Affair Leadmill Dec 10 Secret Affair
Ian Page Leadmill Dec 10 Ian Page
David Cairns Leadmill Dec 10 David Cairns
Seb Shelton Leadmill Dec 10 Seb Shelton
Dennis Smith Leadmill Dec 10 Dennis Smith