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Date Lineup
Martin Kemp LEADMILL Jul 29 Martin Kemp
Half Man Half Biscuit LEADMILL Aug 03 Half Man Half Biscuit
Oas-is LEADMILL Aug 27 Oas-is
Alvvays LEADMILL Aug 28 Alvvays
Room 94 LEADMILL Sep 11 Room 94
Mr Jukes LEADMILL Sep 23 Mr Jukes
Anteros LEADMILL Sep 28 Anteros
the Amazons LEADMILL Oct 03 the Amazons
Nick Mulvey LEADMILL Oct 06 Nick Mulvey
Nick Helm LEADMILL Oct 07 Nick Helm
Nadine Shah LEADMILL Oct 14 Nadine Shah
Starsailor LEADMILL Oct 18 Starsailor
Bob Fridzema LEADMILL Oct 19 Bob Fridzema
Paul Foot LEADMILL Oct 26 Paul Foot
Clean Cut Kid LEADMILL Oct 27 Clean Cut Kid
Von Hertzen Brothers LEADMILL Nov 07 Von Hertzen Brothers
Billy Bragg LEADMILL Nov 12 Billy Bragg
Jon Boden LEADMILL Nov 18 Jon Boden
Blaenavon LEADMILL Nov 20 Blaenavon
The Night Café LEADMILL Nov 20 The Night Café
FROM THE JAM "The Gift" 35th Anniversary LEADMILL Dec 02 FROM THE JAM "The Gift" 35th Anniversary
From The Jam LEADMILL Dec 02 From The Jam
Bruce Foxton LEADMILL Dec 02 Bruce Foxton
Rhoda Dakar LEADMILL Dec 02 Rhoda Dakar
Bobby Mair LEADMILL Feb 02, 2018 Bobby Mair
Highly Suspect LEADMILL Feb 05, 2018 Highly Suspect
Daliso Chaponda LEADMILL Mar 23, 2018 Daliso Chaponda