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Resilient Foam Aug 23 Resilient
Ian Fisher Foam Aug 25 Ian Fisher
Native Harrow Foam Aug 29 Native Harrow
Bradley Palermo Foam Sep 06 Bradley Palermo
The Sudden Passion Foam Sep 06 The Sudden Passion
Whiskey Autumn Foam Sep 09 Whiskey Autumn
Petunia & The Vipers Foam Sep 13 Petunia & The Vipers, Petunia & The Vipers, members of Pokey Lafarge's unit
Petunia  the Vipers come to Foam St. Louis Foam Sep 13 Petunia the Vipers come to Foam St. Louis
T.V. Mike & the Scarecrowes Foam Sep 18 T.V. Mike & the Scarecrowes
William Matheny Foam Sep 19 William Matheny, David Dondero, Dubb Nubb
David Dondero Foam Sep 19 David Dondero
Dubb Nubb Foam Sep 19 Dubb Nubb
Deep State Foam Sep 22 Deep State
Cocordion Foam Oct 01 Cocordion
Church Girls Foam Oct 04 Church Girls, Sister Wizzard
The Hollow Ends Foam Oct 07 The Hollow Ends, Dear Genre, Kid Scientist
TV Girl Foam Oct 09 TV Girl, Brothertiger
Brothertiger Foam Oct 09 Brothertiger
Le'Ponds Foam Oct 09 Le'Ponds
Busman's Holiday Foam Nov 20 Busman's Holiday