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Date Lineup
VNV Nation Waterfront Feb 22 VNV Nation
Garcia Waterfront Feb 23 Garcia
Hamman Waterfront Feb 23 Hamman
Dudek Waterfront Feb 23 Dudek
LFC Istanbul Legends Waterfront Feb 23 LFC Istanbul Legends
KRS-One Waterfront Feb 24 KRS-One
Fenech-Soler Waterfront Feb 25 Fenech-Soler
Lucy Spraggan Waterfront Mar 01 Lucy Spraggan
Liberty Lies Waterfront Mar 09 Liberty Lies
The Fallen State Waterfront Mar 09 The Fallen State, Liberty Lies
Phil Lewis Waterfront Mar 14 Phil Lewis
Tracii Guns Waterfront Mar 14 Tracii Guns
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Waterfront Mar 16 Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Frank Carter Waterfront Mar 16 Frank Carter
The Rattlesnakes Waterfront Mar 16 The Rattlesnakes
Killer Bee Waterfront Mar 16 Killer Bee
Tequila Mockingbyrd Waterfront Mar 16 Tequila Mockingbyrd
Bonafide (Official) Waterfront Mar 16 Bonafide (Official), Tequila Mockingbyrd, Killer Bee
Love/Hate Waterfront Mar 18 Love/Hate
Jizzy Pearl Waterfront Mar 18 Jizzy Pearl
Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate "Wasted in America 25th Anniversary" Waterfront Mar 18 Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate "Wasted in America 25th Anniversary"
Jizzy Pearl'S Love/Hate Waterfront Mar 18 Jizzy Pearl'S Love/Hate
Knock Out Kaine Waterfront Mar 18 Knock Out Kaine
Bad Touch Waterfront Mar 22 Bad Touch, Broken Witt Rebels
Broken Witt Rebels Waterfront Mar 22 Broken Witt Rebels
Ill Niño Waterfront Mar 23 Ill Niño
Ektomorf Waterfront Mar 23 Ektomorf
Xtortya Waterfront Mar 23 Xtortya
Stiff Little Fingers Waterfront Mar 27 Stiff Little Fingers
Laura Marling Waterfront Mar 28 Laura Marling
New Model Army Waterfront Mar 31 New Model Army
Hellyeah Waterfront Apr 11 Hellyeah
Patent Pending Waterfront Apr 19 Patent Pending, Patent Pending
Hayseed Dixie Waterfront Apr 24 Hayseed Dixie
Rat boy Waterfront May 01 Rat boy
Walter Trout Waterfront May 09 Walter Trout
The Mission Waterfront May 11 The Mission
Elvana Waterfront May 12 Elvana
Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana Waterfront May 12 Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana, Elvana
AGMP Presents Waterfront May 12 AGMP Presents
From The Jam Waterfront May 12 From The Jam
Bruce Foxton Waterfront May 12 Bruce Foxton
Alabama 3 Waterfront May 20 Alabama 3
Jim Bob Waterfront May 28 Jim Bob
The Wedding Present Waterfront May 28 The Wedding Present
Down by the river Waterfront May 28 Down by the river
The Sugarhill Gang Waterfront Jun 01 The Sugarhill Gang
Melle Mel Waterfront Jun 01 Melle Mel
Scorpio's Furious 5 Waterfront Jun 01 Scorpio's Furious 5
Absolute Bowie Band Waterfront Jun 03 Absolute Bowie Band, Absolute Bowie Band
Sham 69 "1977 Line-Up" Waterfront Jun 10 Sham 69 "1977 Line-Up"
Sham 69 Waterfront Jun 10 Sham 69
Sham 69 "40th Anniversary" Waterfront Jun 10 Sham 69 "40th Anniversary"
SHAM 69 'PURSEY Waterfront Jun 10 SHAM 69 'PURSEY
Parsons Waterfront Jun 10 Parsons
GUY' Waterfront Jun 10 GUY'
Phil Rudd  Band Waterfront Jun 15 Phil Rudd Band
Phil Rudd Band Waterfront Jun 15 Phil Rudd Band
Chas Waterfront Sep 09 Chas
Dave Waterfront Sep 09 Dave
The Lovin' Handfull Waterfront Sep 09 The Lovin' Handfull
Chas 'n' Dave Waterfront Sep 09 Chas 'n' Dave
Dirty DC Waterfront Oct 07 Dirty DC
Limehouse Lizzy Waterfront Oct 07 Limehouse Lizzy
Nazareth Waterfront Oct 14 Nazareth
Guns N' Roses Experience Waterfront Nov 04 Guns N' Roses Experience
Big Country Waterfront Nov 11 Big Country
The Clone Roses Waterfront Dec 09 The Clone Roses
The Smiths Ltd Waterfront Dec 09 The Smiths Ltd