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Black Fast Masquerade Sep 15 Black Fast, Overkill, Crowbar and 2 more...
Metal Alliance Tour Masquerade Sep 15 Metal Alliance Tour
Quicksand Masquerade Sep 19 Quicksand
Baroness Masquerade Sep 23 Baroness
dryjacket Masquerade Sep 24 dryjacket, Sundressed
Tony MacAlpine Masquerade Sep 27 Tony MacAlpine, Felix Martin
Felix Martin Masquerade Sep 27 Felix Martin
Timeflies Masquerade Sep 29 Timeflies
Goatwhore Masquerade Oct 01 Goatwhore, Venom Inc, Goatwhore and 2 more...
Venom Inc Masquerade Oct 01 Venom Inc
Toxic Holocaust Masquerade Oct 01 Toxic Holocaust
The Convalescence Masquerade Oct 01 The Convalescence
NAWAS Masquerade Oct 06 NAWAS
Seaway Masquerade Oct 11 Seaway
Half Waif Masquerade Oct 12 Half Waif, Julien Baker
A Will Away Masquerade Oct 13 A Will Away, Have Mercy, Boston Manor and 1 more...
Toothgrinder Masquerade Oct 20 Toothgrinder
September Mourning Masquerade Oct 21 September Mourning, Xandria, Kobra and The Lotus
Christian Death Masquerade Oct 23 Christian Death
En Esch Masquerade Oct 23 En Esch
Lords of Acid Masquerade Oct 23 Lords of Acid, Combichrist, Christian Death and 2 more...
Wiccid Masquerade Oct 23 Wiccid
Chad Valley Masquerade Oct 28 Chad Valley, JR JR
Slow Magic Masquerade Oct 29 Slow Magic
Death From Above 1979 Masquerade Oct 30 Death From Above 1979, the Beaches
Katie Ellen Masquerade Oct 31 Katie Ellen
Great Grandpa Masquerade Nov 05 Great Grandpa
TroyBoi Masquerade Nov 11 TroyBoi
Cousin Stizz Masquerade Nov 12 Cousin Stizz
AJJ Masquerade Nov 13 AJJ
The Frights Masquerade Nov 13 The Frights
Pianos Become the Teeth Masquerade Nov 17 Pianos Become the Teeth
NVDES Masquerade Nov 18 NVDES
Slaughter Beach, Dog Masquerade Nov 21 Slaughter Beach, Dog
Phinehas Masquerade Nov 28 Phinehas
Like Moths to Flames Masquerade Nov 28 Like Moths to Flames
The Blasters Masquerade Dec 01 The Blasters
GWAR Masquerade Dec 03 GWAR, GWAR, U.S. Bastards and 2 more...
Ghoul (Official) Masquerade Dec 03 Ghoul (Official)
U.S. Bastards Masquerade Dec 03 U.S. Bastards, GWAR
Waterparks Masquerade Dec 05 Waterparks
Hundredth Masquerade Dec 23 Hundredth, Spotlights, Tennis System and 1 more...