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Date Lineup
Alex Cruz Output Sep 23 Alex Cruz
Anthony Parasole Output Sep 23 Anthony Parasole
Faso Output Sep 23 Faso
Francois K Output Sep 27 Francois K
Scuba Output Sep 27 Scuba, Francois K
PAT LOK Output Sep 28 PAT LOK
Alex Raouf Output Sep 28 Alex Raouf
the magician Output Sep 28 the magician
Ryan Crosson Output Sep 29 Ryan Crosson
Nastia Output Sep 29 Nastia
Simon Heyliger Output Sep 29 Simon Heyliger
Adesse Versions Output Sep 29 Adesse Versions
Jacques Renault Output Sep 29 Jacques Renault
Lovers Output Sep 29 Lovers
Osunlade Output Sep 30 Osunlade
Carlos Mena Output Sep 30 Carlos Mena
Sonny Daze Output Sep 30 Sonny Daze
JELLYBEAN BENITEZ Output Oct 01 JELLYBEAN BENITEZ, Sting International, Nicky Siano and 1 more...
Sting International Output Oct 01 Sting International
Nicky Siano Output Oct 01 Nicky Siano
Joey Llanos Output Oct 01 Joey Llanos
Kathy Sledge Output Oct 01 Kathy Sledge
Shaun Reeves Output Oct 01 Shaun Reeves
The Golden Pony Output Oct 05 The Golden Pony
Wolfgang Gartner Output Oct 05 Wolfgang Gartner
Oscar G. Output Oct 07 Oscar G.
Viceroy Output Oct 12 Viceroy, JPatt
Victor Calderone Output Oct 13 Victor Calderone
Efdemin Output Oct 14 Efdemin
Kobosil Output Oct 14 Kobosil
Martyn Output Oct 14 Martyn
Massimiliano Pagliara Output Oct 14 Massimiliano Pagliara
Ryan Elliott Output Oct 14 Ryan Elliott
Claptone Output Oct 20 Claptone
Francis Harris Output Oct 20 Francis Harris
Danny Krivit Output Oct 22 Danny Krivit
Lee "Scratch" Perry Output Oct 25 Lee "Scratch" Perry
Francois K Output Oct 25 Francois K
Danny Howells Output Oct 28 Danny Howells
Cassy Output Oct 28 Cassy
MK Output Nov 02 MK
Nora En Pure Output Nov 09 Nora En Pure
Durtysoxxx b2b Preston Output Nov 16 Durtysoxxx b2b Preston
Alon Output Nov 16 Alon
Umek Output Nov 16 Umek
Legowelt Output Nov 18 Legowelt
Alden Tyrell Output Nov 18 Alden Tyrell
Fit Siegel Output Nov 18 Fit Siegel
Person of Interest Output Nov 18 Person of Interest
Jovonn Output Nov 18 Jovonn
Gerd Output Nov 18 Gerd
Project Pablo Output Nov 18 Project Pablo
Audien Output Nov 30 Audien
Chilly Mōx Output Dec 29 Chilly Mōx, DESNA, Alex Raouf and 1 more...
Risky Business Presents Output Dec 29 Risky Business Presents, Chilly Mōx, DESNA and 1 more...