The Roxy
Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

9 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
William Beckett The Roxy Jul 02 William Beckett
Aaron Gillespie The Roxy Jul 02 Aaron Gillespie, William Beckett, Nathan Hussey
Deleasa The Roxy Aug 01 Deleasa
MGR The Roxy Aug 01 MGR, Coliseum, Culture Abuse, Mustard Gas and Roses
paradise music The Roxy Sep 02 paradise music, Paradise
Megan Nicole The Roxy Sep 21 Megan Nicole, Megan Nicole, Sammi Sanchez
Sammi Sanchez The Roxy Sep 21 Sammi Sanchez
Chon The Roxy Sep 29 Chon
Marian Hill The Roxy Oct 20 Marian Hill