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Date Lineup
Creeper Garage Mar 26 Creeper
Puppy Garage Mar 26 Puppy
Milk Teeth Garage Mar 26 Milk Teeth
Attila Garage Apr 01 Attila
Any Given Day Garage Apr 16 Any Given Day, Bury Tomorrow, Crossfaith and 1 more...
Black Peaks Garage Apr 16 Black Peaks, Bury Tomorrow, Black Peaks and 2 more...
Pyro Garage Apr 27 Pyro
In Hearts Wake Garage May 09 In Hearts Wake
Katatonia Garage May 12 Katatonia, Ghost Bath, The Great Discord
The Great Discord Garage May 12 The Great Discord
Ghost Bath Garage May 12 Ghost Bath, Katatonia
Mark Lanegan Garage Jun 20 Mark Lanegan