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Date Lineup
2raumwohnung WUK Sep 13 2raumwohnung
DJ Shadow  WUK Sep 21 DJ Shadow 
Hunger WUK Sep 28 Hunger
Paenda WUK Sep 29 Paenda
Shout out Louds  WUK Oct 04 Shout out Louds 
Shout Out Louds WUK Oct 04 Shout Out Louds
Culcha Candela WUK Oct 05 Culcha Candela
R5 WUK Oct 05 R5
kompost 3 WUK Oct 06 kompost 3
Mira Lu Kovacs = 5K HD WUK Oct 06 Mira Lu Kovacs = 5K HD
Von Wegen Lisbeth  WUK Oct 07 Von Wegen Lisbeth 
Léyya WUK Oct 18 Léyya
Youngblood Brass Band WUK Oct 22 Youngblood Brass Band
Akua Naru WUK Oct 24 Akua Naru
Neck Deep WUK Oct 27 Neck Deep
Real Friends WUK Oct 27 Real Friends, Neck Deep, As It Is and 1 more...
Blood Youth WUK Oct 27 Blood Youth
As It Is WUK Oct 27 As It Is, Real Friends
Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles WUK Nov 05 Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles
Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles  WUK Nov 05 Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles 
Manu Delago WUK Nov 07 Manu Delago
K's Choice WUK Nov 08 K's Choice
Farewell Dear Ghost WUK Nov 09 Farewell Dear Ghost
JP Cooper WUK Nov 11 JP Cooper
Hidden Orchestra WUK Nov 28 Hidden Orchestra
Olympique WUK Nov 29 Olympique
Gerard WUK Dec 15 Gerard
Onk Lou WUK Dec 19 Onk Lou
The Better Life Inc. WUK Dec 19 The Better Life Inc.
Denk WUK Dec 20 Denk
Che Sudaka WUK Feb 07, 2018 Che Sudaka
Donots WUK Mar 07, 2018 Donots
Neelix WUK Apr 20, 2018 Neelix