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Date Lineup
Hall Speakeasy Aug 19 Hall
Ronnie Hall Speakeasy Aug 21 Ronnie Hall
Brett McMinn Speakeasy Aug 22 Brett McMinn
Oscar Ornelas Speakeasy Aug 23 Oscar Ornelas
Bruce 3 Speakeasy Aug 24 Bruce 3
The Revenge Speakeasy Aug 24 The Revenge
Austin Party Band Speakeasy Aug 25 Austin Party Band
Girl Guitar Showcase Speakeasy Aug 27 Girl Guitar Showcase
Marshall Moon Speakeasy Aug 29 Marshall Moon
Jess Ross Speakeasy Aug 30 Jess Ross
NYOB Speakeasy Aug 31 NYOB
Encore 9.3 Speakeasy Sep 02 Encore 9.3
Ryan Hutchens Speakeasy Sep 05 Ryan Hutchens, Ryan Hutchens
Brandon Bentley Speakeasy Sep 20 Brandon Bentley
Brandon Bentley Speakeasy Oct 25 Brandon Bentley
Steady Legend Speakeasy Nov 04 Steady Legend
Brandon Bentley Speakeasy Nov 15 Brandon Bentley