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Date Lineup
Dream State The Horn Aug 24 Dream State
Smyths The Horn Sep 09 Smyths
Pearl Jamm The Horn Sep 23 Pearl Jamm
DZ Deathrays The Horn Sep 26 DZ Deathrays
Redfaces The Horn Oct 03 Redfaces
China Crisis The Horn Oct 05 China Crisis
The Total Stone Roses The Horn Oct 07 The Total Stone Roses
Strange Bones The Horn Oct 11 Strange Bones
Tom McRae The Horn Oct 12 Tom McRae
Creedance Clearwater Review The Horn Oct 14 Creedance Clearwater Review
The Picturebooks The Horn Oct 17 The Picturebooks
Baby In Vain The Horn Oct 19 Baby In Vain
Straighten Out The Horn Oct 21 Straighten Out
The Hoosiers The Horn Nov 06 The Hoosiers
Kazabian The Horn Nov 18 Kazabian
Smyths The Horn Mar 17, 2018 Smyths