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AFI Troubadour Jan 20 AFI, Chain Gang of 1974
w/Chain Gang of 1974 Troubadour Jan 20 w/Chain Gang of 1974
Great Good Fine Ok Troubadour Jan 21 Great Good Fine Ok
The Show Ponies Troubadour Jan 24 The Show Ponies, Freddy & Francine
Freddy & Francine Troubadour Jan 24 Freddy & Francine, The Show Ponies
Paul Cauthen Troubadour Jan 27 Paul Cauthen, Cody Jinks
Dorothy Troubadour Jan 28 Dorothy
The Georgia Flood Troubadour Jan 28 The Georgia Flood
Lucinda Williams Troubadour Jan 29 Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams Troubadour Jan 30 Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams Troubadour Jan 31 Lucinda Williams
ALO Troubadour Feb 03 ALO, The Brothers Comatose
The Brothers Comatose Troubadour Feb 03 The Brothers Comatose
Leroy Sanchez Troubadour Feb 04 Leroy Sanchez
Grant X Lexi Troubadour Feb 11 Grant X Lexi, Grant X Lexi
The Infamous Stringdusters Troubadour Feb 18 The Infamous Stringdusters, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Frenship Troubadour Feb 21 Frenship, Frenship
TeamMate Troubadour Feb 21 TeamMate, Frenship, Matt Woods
Charming Liars Troubadour Feb 23 Charming Liars
Bell X1 Troubadour Feb 28 Bell X1, Bell X1, Vita and the Woolf
Mondo Cozmo Troubadour Mar 01 Mondo Cozmo
The Wood Brothers Troubadour Mar 03 The Wood Brothers
Shook Twins Troubadour Mar 03 Shook Twins, The Wood Brothers
The Wood Brothers Troubadour Mar 04 The Wood Brothers
G. Love & Special Sauce Troubadour Mar 09 G. Love & Special Sauce
City of the Sun Troubadour Mar 09 City of the Sun, City of the Sun
Maggie Rogers Troubadour Mar 21 Maggie Rogers
Partybaby Troubadour Mar 23 Partybaby, Potty Mouth
Colony House Troubadour Mar 25 Colony House
Civilian Troubadour Mar 27 Civilian, Eisley, Backwards Dancer
Aaron Watson Troubadour Apr 05 Aaron Watson
The Lil' Smokies Troubadour Apr 07 The Lil' Smokies, Yonder Mountain String Band
Yonder Mountain String Band Troubadour Apr 07 Yonder Mountain String Band
New Found Glory Troubadour Apr 28 New Found Glory
New Found Glory Troubadour Apr 29 New Found Glory
New Found Glory Troubadour Apr 30 New Found Glory
Ozomatli Troubadour May 02 Ozomatli