Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

69 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
The Bangles Troubadour May 30 The Bangles
School of Rock West LA Spring 2015 Troubadour May 31 School of Rock West LA Spring 2015
Dazed and Confused Troubadour May 31 Dazed and Confused
Pop-Punk Troubadour May 31 Pop-Punk
BASS GODS Troubadour May 31 BASS GODS
Jack Garratt Troubadour May 31 Jack Garratt
Jack Garratt Troubadour Jun 01 Jack Garratt
Okay Kaya Troubadour Jun 01 Okay Kaya
Very Good Bad Thing Tour 2015 Troubadour Jun 02 Very Good Bad Thing Tour 2015
Battle Tapes Troubadour Jun 02 Battle Tapes
Nick Santino Troubadour Jun 05 Nick Santino, Sleeping With Sirens, The Summer Set
We Like it Quiet Tour Troubadour Jun 05 We Like it Quiet Tour
The Summer Set Troubadour Jun 05 The Summer Set, Sleeping With Sirens, Nick Santino
Olivver the Kid Troubadour Jun 06 Olivver the Kid
Mereki Troubadour Jun 06 Mereki
Fiona Grey Troubadour Jun 06 Fiona Grey
Nneka Troubadour Jun 07 Nneka
Olin & The Moon Troubadour Jun 08 Olin & The Moon
Jill Sobule Troubadour Jun 09 Jill Sobule
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Troubadour Jun 11 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Teen Men
Teen Men Troubadour Jun 11 Teen Men
Great Lake Swimmers Troubadour Jun 12 Great Lake Swimmers
The Weather Station Troubadour Jun 12 The Weather Station
Mystic Braves Troubadour Jun 13 Mystic Braves
Tomorrow's Tulips Troubadour Jun 13 Tomorrow's Tulips
Mr Elevator & Brain Hotel Troubadour Jun 13 Mr Elevator & Brain Hotel
So Many Wizards Troubadour Jun 13 So Many Wizards
Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel Troubadour Jun 13 Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
Britten Newbill Troubadour Jun 14 Britten Newbill
Nick Howard Troubadour Jun 15 Nick Howard
James McMurtry Troubadour Jun 16 James McMurtry
Max Gomez Troubadour Jun 16 Max Gomez, James McMurtry
Britten Newbill Troubadour Jun 17 Britten Newbill
Jon DeRosa Troubadour Jun 18 Jon DeRosa
Gothic Tropic Troubadour Jun 19 Gothic Tropic, Surfer Blood
Surfer Blood Troubadour Jun 19 Surfer Blood
Alex Calder Troubadour Jun 19 Alex Calder
David Duffy Troubadour Jun 20 David Duffy
Gabriel Kelley Troubadour Jun 20 Gabriel Kelley
World Party Troubadour Jun 20 World Party
Emily Kinney Troubadour Jun 24 Emily Kinney
Adam Tressler Troubadour Jun 24 Adam Tressler
The Donkeys Troubadour Jun 26 The Donkeys
Mono Troubadour Jun 27 Mono
Holly Hunt Troubadour Jun 27 Holly Hunt
The Griswolds Troubadour Jun 30 The Griswolds, Urban Cone
Elle King Troubadour Jul 01 Elle King
Dizzy Wright's the Growing Process Tour Troubadour Jul 03 Dizzy Wright's the Growing Process Tour
DJ Hoppa Troubadour Jul 03 DJ Hoppa
Dizzy Wright Troubadour Jul 03 Dizzy Wright
Tyler Lyle Troubadour Jul 11 Tyler Lyle
Chase Cohl Troubadour Jul 11 Chase Cohl
Ben Lee Troubadour Jul 17 Ben Lee
Falls Troubadour Jul 17 Falls, Ben Lee
the Silverlake Chorus Troubadour Jul 17 the Silverlake Chorus
Ryan Dilmore Troubadour Jul 17 Ryan Dilmore
Jay Brannan Troubadour Jul 18 Jay Brannan
Quiet Life Troubadour Jul 24 Quiet Life, Pokey LaFarge
Pokey LaFarge Troubadour Jul 24 Pokey LaFarge, Quiet Life
Rasputina Troubadour Jul 31 Rasputina
Goapele Troubadour Aug 01 Goapele
Fu Manchu "King Of The Road" 25th Anniversary Show Troubadour Aug 08 Fu Manchu "King Of The Road" 25th Anniversary Show
Fu Manchu Troubadour Aug 08 Fu Manchu
Langhorne Slim & The Law Troubadour Aug 11 Langhorne Slim & The Law
The Muckers Troubadour Aug 16 The Muckers
Oh Wonder Troubadour Oct 05 Oh Wonder
Blues Traveler Troubadour Oct 16 Blues Traveler