Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

98 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
The Districts Troubadour Mar 07 The Districts
Pine Barons Troubadour Mar 07 Pine Barons
Cheers Elephant Troubadour Mar 07 Cheers Elephant
San Cisco Troubadour Mar 10 San Cisco
Olivver the Kid Troubadour Mar 11 Olivver the Kid
Flor Troubadour Mar 11 Flor
Alana Amram Troubadour Mar 12 Alana Amram
Misterwives Troubadour Mar 13 Misterwives
FrnkIero And The Cellabration Troubadour Mar 14 FrnkIero And The Cellabration
Homeless Gospel Choir Troubadour Mar 14 Homeless Gospel Choir
Cold Blue Water Troubadour Mar 15 Cold Blue Water
Duane Betts & Brethren Of The Coast Troubadour Mar 15 Duane Betts & Brethren Of The Coast
Perfect Sex Troubadour Mar 15 Perfect Sex
K'noup Presents Troubadour Mar 19 K'noup Presents
the Dirty Diamond Troubadour Mar 19 the Dirty Diamond
Los Einstein Troubadour Mar 19 Los Einstein
Happy Pills Troubadour Mar 19 Happy Pills
My Crazy Girlfriend Troubadour Mar 19 My Crazy Girlfriend
Ironheel Troubadour Mar 19 Ironheel
David Choi Troubadour Mar 20 David Choi
MY SILENT BRAVERY Troubadour Mar 20 MY SILENT BRAVERY, David Choi, Tess Henley
Lara Gladstone Presents Troubadour Mar 21 Lara Gladstone Presents
The Sahns Troubadour Mar 21 The Sahns
Delta Rose Troubadour Mar 21 Delta Rose
Diamond Lane Troubadour Mar 21 Diamond Lane
Desecrate Troubadour Mar 21 Desecrate
Brain Dead Troubadour Mar 21 Brain Dead
Years & Years Troubadour Mar 25 Years & Years
JEFF the brotherhood Troubadour Mar 27 JEFF the brotherhood, Bully
The Mr. T Experience Troubadour Mar 28 The Mr. T Experience
The Queers Troubadour Mar 28 The Queers
The Bombpops Troubadour Mar 28 The Bombpops
The Piniellas Troubadour Mar 28 The Piniellas
Jeremy Enigk Troubadour Mar 29 Jeremy Enigk
Jen Wood Troubadour Mar 29 Jen Wood
Mark Nichols And The Everexpanding Machine Troubadour Mar 29 Mark Nichols And The Everexpanding Machine
Swizzymack Troubadour Mar 31 Swizzymack
Marc E Bassy Troubadour Mar 31 Marc E Bassy
North Mississippi Allstars & Anders Osborne Present N.M.O. Troubadour Apr 01 North Mississippi Allstars & Anders Osborne Present N.M.O.
North Mississipi Allstars Troubadour Apr 01 North Mississipi Allstars
KITTEN Troubadour Apr 04 KITTEN
Knox Hamilton Troubadour Apr 07 Knox Hamilton
Celso Piña Troubadour Apr 09 Celso Piña
A Tribute To Rancid Troubadour Apr 10 A Tribute To Rancid
Voodoo Glow Skulls Troubadour Apr 10 Voodoo Glow Skulls
Left Alone Troubadour Apr 10 Left Alone
The Phenomenauts Troubadour Apr 10 The Phenomenauts
Johnny Madcap and The Distractions Troubadour Apr 10 Johnny Madcap and The Distractions
Rick Thorne Troubadour Apr 10 Rick Thorne
Shoplifters Troubadour Apr 10 Shoplifters
The Hush Sound Troubadour Apr 11 The Hush Sound
The Chances Troubadour Apr 11 The Chances
Castro Troubadour Apr 11 Castro
Genevieve Troubadour Apr 11 Genevieve, The Hush Sound
Boyband Project Troubadour Apr 12 Boyband Project
SomeKindaWonderful Troubadour Apr 15 SomeKindaWonderful
Good Riddance Troubadour Apr 16 Good Riddance
Bad Cop/Bad Cop Troubadour Apr 16 Bad Cop/Bad Cop
The Grims Troubadour Apr 17 The Grims
The Rocketz Troubadour Apr 17 The Rocketz
The Quaranteds Troubadour Apr 17 The Quaranteds
Straight Shooters Troubadour Apr 17 Straight Shooters
Rock the Night to Cure Crohn's and Colitis Troubadour Apr 18 Rock the Night to Cure Crohn's and Colitis
matt pond PA Troubadour Apr 23 matt pond PA, Young Buffalo
Young Buffalo Troubadour Apr 23 Young Buffalo, matt pond PA
Several Arrows Later Tour Troubadour Apr 23 Several Arrows Later Tour
Silence the Lies Troubadour Apr 24 Silence the Lies
Rock the Truth VII Troubadour Apr 24 Rock the Truth VII
Sebu Of Capital Cities Troubadour Apr 24 Sebu Of Capital Cities
Bei Ru Troubadour Apr 24 Bei Ru
K'noup Troubadour Apr 24 K'noup
String Harmonies Troubadour Apr 24 String Harmonies
Red Snow Troubadour Apr 24 Red Snow
R-Mean Troubadour Apr 24 R-Mean
Tulips Troubadour Apr 24 Tulips
The Dead Milkmen Troubadour Apr 25 The Dead Milkmen
The Dead Milkmen Troubadour Apr 26 The Dead Milkmen
Zane Carney Troubadour Apr 27 Zane Carney
The Neverending Troubadour Apr 27 The Neverending
Taylor Locke Troubadour Apr 27 Taylor Locke
Big Data Troubadour Apr 30 Big Data
The Moth & the Flame Troubadour Apr 30 The Moth & the Flame, Big Data
the Shilohs Troubadour May 01 the Shilohs
Jessie Baylin Troubadour May 08 Jessie Baylin
Fat white family Troubadour May 15 Fat white family
Natalie Prass Troubadour May 19 Natalie Prass, San Fermin
Northern Faces Troubadour May 23 Northern Faces
Will Butler Troubadour May 27 Will Butler
Jo Firestone Troubadour May 27 Jo Firestone
Walter Martin Troubadour May 28 Walter Martin, Josh Rouse
The Bangles Troubadour May 29 The Bangles
The Bangles Troubadour May 30 The Bangles
Jill Sobule Troubadour Jun 09 Jill Sobule
Mystic Braves Troubadour Jun 13 Mystic Braves
Mr Elevator & Brain Hotel Troubadour Jun 13 Mr Elevator & Brain Hotel
Tomorrow's Tulips Troubadour Jun 13 Tomorrow's Tulips
So Many Wizards Troubadour Jun 13 So Many Wizards