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Dani Rose Troubadour Jul 23 Dani Rose, Honey County, Tyler Rich and 1 more...
Magic Giant Troubadour Jul 29 Magic Giant, Spencer Ludwig
HONEYHONEY Troubadour Jul 30 HONEYHONEY, Korey Dane
Allen Stone Troubadour Aug 01 Allen Stone
SLPTVLK Troubadour Aug 08 SLPTVLK, Sleeptalk, Partly Cloudy and 1 more...
Partly Cloudy Troubadour Aug 08 Partly Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, Sleeptalk and 1 more...
Bohemia Suburbana Troubadour Aug 12 Bohemia Suburbana
3 By Design Troubadour Aug 16 3 By Design, Attaloss, High Sunday
Foxtrax Troubadour Sep 08 Foxtrax
Joseph Troubadour Sep 13 Joseph
Owen Troubadour Sep 22 Owen
Foy Vance Troubadour Sep 23 Foy Vance, Trevor Sensor
Trevor Sensor Troubadour Sep 23 Trevor Sensor
NF Troubadour Sep 27 NF
KING Troubadour Sep 29 KING
Simple Plan Troubadour Oct 05 Simple Plan, Hit the Lights, Story Untold
Hit the Lights Troubadour Oct 05 Hit the Lights
Simple Plan Troubadour Oct 05 Simple Plan
Marc Broussard Troubadour Oct 06 Marc Broussard
Margo Price Troubadour Oct 12 Margo Price
Margo Price Troubadour Oct 13 Margo Price
MOTHXR Troubadour Oct 15 MOTHXR
Tyrone Wells Troubadour Nov 19 Tyrone Wells, Tony Lucca
Tony Lucca Troubadour Nov 19 Tony Lucca
Gavin James Troubadour Nov 21 Gavin James