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Cody Canada and The Departed Turf Club Aug 17 Cody Canada and The Departed, Cody Canada and The Departed
The Lonely Biscuits Turf Club Aug 19 The Lonely Biscuits, Okey Dokey
Okey Dokey Turf Club Aug 19 Okey Dokey
Buffalo Fuzz Turf Club Aug 25 Buffalo Fuzz, Porno Wolves, Two Harbors
Porno Wolves Turf Club Aug 25 Porno Wolves, Porno Wolves, Two Harbors and 1 more...
Beverly - Band Turf Club Sep 03 Beverly - Band, EZTV, Royal Brat
Kid Dakota Turf Club Sep 15 Kid Dakota, Actual Wolf, Dosh
The Dig Turf Club Sep 16 The Dig, Dan Croll
Dan Croll Turf Club Sep 16 Dan Croll
Natty Nation Turf Club Sep 17 Natty Nation, The Skatalites, Dj I Roach
Best Coast Turf Club Sep 18 Best Coast, Brilliant Beast
Trout Steak Revival Turf Club Sep 22 Trout Steak Revival
Jack Klatt Turf Club Sep 22 Jack Klatt
Daniel Norgren Turf Club Oct 01 Daniel Norgren
Will Hoge Turf Club Oct 05 Will Hoge, Dan Layus (of Augustana)
Dan Layus Turf Club Oct 05 Dan Layus
Frankie Rose Turf Club Oct 06 Frankie Rose, Suburban Living
Suburban Living Turf Club Oct 06 Suburban Living, Frankie Rose
Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute Turf Club Oct 08 Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Conner Youngblood Turf Club Oct 10 Conner Youngblood
Whiskey Shivers Turf Club Oct 15 Whiskey Shivers, Billy Strings
Billy Strings Turf Club Oct 15 Billy Strings, Whiskey Shivers
Bob Log III Turf Club Oct 17 Bob Log III
Chelsea Wolfe Turf Club Oct 25 Chelsea Wolfe, YOUTH CODE
Los Straitjackets Turf Club Oct 27 Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe
Nick Lowe Turf Club Oct 27 Nick Lowe, Los Straitjackets
Los Straitjackets Turf Club Oct 28 Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe
Nick Lowe Turf Club Oct 28 Nick Lowe, Los Straitjackets
Rebirth Brass Band Turf Club Oct 31 Rebirth Brass Band
Jake La Botz Turf Club Nov 03 Jake La Botz, Low Cut Connie
Beach Slang Turf Club Nov 04 Beach Slang, Dave Hause & The Mermaid, Hannah Racecar
Dave Hause Turf Club Nov 04 Dave Hause, Beach Slang, Pet Symmetry
Susto Turf Club Nov 09 Susto, Susto, Dawg Yawp
Max Gomez Turf Club Nov 14 Max Gomez
All Them Witches Turf Club Nov 17 All Them Witches
Son Little Turf Club Nov 18 Son Little, Jade Bird
EMA Turf Club Nov 19 EMA
The Blow Turf Club Nov 19 The Blow, EMA
Brandy Clark Turf Club Nov 30 Brandy Clark