Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

54 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Smithsmas in July Zanzabar Jul 01 Smithsmas in July
Cali Agents Zanzabar Jul 02 Cali Agents
Durag Dynasty Zanzabar Jul 02 Durag Dynasty
Replacement killers Zanzabar Jul 02 Replacement killers
Lyric Jones Zanzabar Jul 02 Lyric Jones
DJ True Justice Zanzabar Jul 02 DJ True Justice
C2 and the Brothers Reed Zanzabar Jul 03 C2 and the Brothers Reed
Arcade Brunch Zanzabar Jul 04 Arcade Brunch
Murica Edition Zanzabar Jul 04 Murica Edition
Heaters Zanzabar Jul 05 Heaters
Moonwalks Zanzabar Jul 05 Moonwalks
Ted Tyro Zanzabar Jul 05 Ted Tyro
Eternal Summers Zanzabar Jul 07 Eternal Summers, Wildhoney
Wildhoney Zanzabar Jul 07 Wildhoney
A.A. Bondy Zanzabar Jul 09 A.A. Bondy
Justin Lewis Zanzabar Jul 09 Justin Lewis
Justin Paul Lewis Zanzabar Jul 09 Justin Paul Lewis, Justin Paul Lewis, A.A. Bondy
sleepy kitty Zanzabar Jul 11 sleepy kitty
Lee Dewyze Zanzabar Jul 12 Lee Dewyze
Leslie DiNicola Zanzabar Jul 12 Leslie DiNicola
Candy Claws Zanzabar Jul 14 Candy Claws, Candy Claws, Sound of Ceres and 1 more...
The Weather Station Zanzabar Jul 20 The Weather Station
Andy Shauf Zanzabar Jul 20 Andy Shauf
Joan Shelley Zanzabar Jul 20 Joan Shelley
Aero Flynn Zanzabar Jul 22 Aero Flynn
GIVERS Zanzabar Jul 22 GIVERS
Wild Child Zanzabar Jul 23 Wild Child
River Whyless Zanzabar Jul 23 River Whyless
El El Zanzabar Jul 24 El El
Elel Zanzabar Jul 24 Elel
Vibrolas Zanzabar Jul 25 Vibrolas
Wodka Zanzabar Jul 25 Wodka
Stardeath and White Dwarfs Zanzabar Jul 27 Stardeath and White Dwarfs
Applied Music Program Zanzabar Jul 27 Applied Music Program
The Oh Hello's Zanzabar Jul 28 The Oh Hello's
The Oh Hellos Zanzabar Jul 28 The Oh Hellos
Ruston Kelly Zanzabar Jul 28 Ruston Kelly, The Oh Hellos
Little Tybee Zanzabar Jul 31 Little Tybee
Landlady Zanzabar Aug 01 Landlady, Buke & Gase
Buke & Gase Zanzabar Aug 01 Buke & Gase
Buke Zanzabar Aug 01 Buke
Gase Zanzabar Aug 01 Gase
Great Peacock Zanzabar Aug 06 Great Peacock
Dave Hause Zanzabar Aug 07 Dave Hause, Rocky Votolato, Chris Farren
Chris Farren Zanzabar Aug 07 Chris Farren, Rocky Votolato, Dave Hause
Rocky Votolato Zanzabar Aug 07 Rocky Votolato, Dave Hause, Chris Farren
Rocky Votolato & Dave Hause Zanzabar Aug 07 Rocky Votolato & Dave Hause
T. Hardy Morris Zanzabar Aug 08 T. Hardy Morris
Valient Thorr Zanzabar Sep 09 Valient Thorr
Electric Six Zanzabar Sep 30 Electric Six
Yip Deceiver Zanzabar Sep 30 Yip Deceiver, Electric Six
Teen Daze Zanzabar Oct 05 Teen Daze
Carbon Leaf Zanzabar Oct 08 Carbon Leaf
The Districts Zanzabar Oct 28 The Districts