Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

64 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
The David Mayfield Parade Zanzabar Oct 02 The David Mayfield Parade
Desert Noises Zanzabar Oct 02 Desert Noises
Il Sogno Del Marinaio Zanzabar Oct 03 Il Sogno Del Marinaio
Mike Watt Zanzabar Oct 03 Mike Watt
The Debauchees Zanzabar Oct 03 The Debauchees
J Mascis Zanzabar Oct 04 J Mascis
Kevin Drew Zanzabar Oct 04 Kevin Drew
Luluc Zanzabar Oct 04 Luluc
Speedy Ortiz Zanzabar Oct 07 Speedy Ortiz
ex hex Zanzabar Oct 07 ex hex, Speedy Ortiz
Xerxes Zanzabar Oct 07 Xerxes
Water Liars Zanzabar Oct 08 Water Liars
Communion Louisville Zanzabar Oct 08 Communion Louisville
Field Report Zanzabar Oct 08 Field Report
Ancient Warfare Zanzabar Oct 08 Ancient Warfare
Foreign Fields Zanzabar Oct 08 Foreign Fields
Kopecky Family Band Zanzabar Oct 09 Kopecky Family Band, Coin
Coin Zanzabar Oct 09 Coin, Kopecky Family Band
Kink Ador Zanzabar Oct 10 Kink Ador
Sinkane Zanzabar Oct 11 Sinkane
Helado Negro Zanzabar Oct 11 Helado Negro
Sons of Bill Zanzabar Oct 15 Sons of Bill
Brave Baby Zanzabar Oct 15 Brave Baby
Surfer Blood Zanzabar Oct 16 Surfer Blood, Eternal Summers
Eternal Summers Zanzabar Oct 16 Eternal Summers
AgesAndAges Zanzabar Oct 17 AgesAndAges
Ages And Ages Zanzabar Oct 17 Ages And Ages
Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes Zanzabar Oct 18 Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Baby Bee
Daniel Elsworth & The Great Lakes Zanzabar Oct 18 Daniel Elsworth & The Great Lakes
Baby Bee Zanzabar Oct 18 Baby Bee
JEFF the brotherhood Zanzabar Oct 21 JEFF the brotherhood
Diarrhea Planet Zanzabar Oct 21 Diarrhea Planet
Dope Body Zanzabar Oct 21 Dope Body
Agent Orange Zanzabar Oct 23 Agent Orange
The Architects Zanzabar Oct 23 The Architects, Agent Orange
The Stoner Moms Zanzabar Oct 23 The Stoner Moms
Park Avenue Dregs Zanzabar Oct 25 Park Avenue Dregs
Mutual Benefit Zanzabar Oct 28 Mutual Benefit
Suno Deko Zanzabar Oct 28 Suno Deko
Lydia Burrell Zanzabar Oct 28 Lydia Burrell
Caroline Rose Zanzabar Oct 30 Caroline Rose
The Budos Band Zanzabar Nov 01 The Budos Band
Zammuto Zanzabar Nov 03 Zammuto
Barnaby Bright Zanzabar Nov 03 Barnaby Bright
Motopony Zanzabar Nov 05 Motopony
Futurebirds Zanzabar Nov 07 Futurebirds
Same As It Ever Was Zanzabar Nov 08 Same As It Ever Was
Stepdad Zanzabar Nov 11 Stepdad, Sphynx
Sphynx Zanzabar Nov 11 Sphynx, Stepdad
the Soil & the Sun Zanzabar Nov 12 the Soil & the Sun
Communion Louisville Zanzabar Nov 12 Communion Louisville
The Soil and The Sun Zanzabar Nov 12 The Soil and The Sun
Count This Penny Zanzabar Nov 12 Count This Penny
The Quiet Hollers Zanzabar Nov 12 The Quiet Hollers
Communion Zanzabar Nov 12 Communion
Cosby Sweater Zanzabar Nov 13 Cosby Sweater
D'Arkestra Zanzabar Nov 13 D'Arkestra
The Pimps of Joytime Zanzabar Nov 14 The Pimps of Joytime, Dj Mark Anthony
Dj Mark Anthony Zanzabar Nov 14 Dj Mark Anthony
The Downtown County Band Zanzabar Nov 20 The Downtown County Band
Frontier Ruckus Zanzabar Dec 04 Frontier Ruckus
Firekid Zanzabar Dec 04 Firekid, Frontier Ruckus
Steelism Zanzabar Dec 05 Steelism