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Candle Burns White The Fire Aug 25 Candle Burns White
More Bands Tba The Fire Aug 25 More Bands Tba
Delfederate Army The Fire Aug 26 Delfederate Army
Darren Deicide The Fire Aug 26 Darren Deicide
Mr. Unloved The Fire Aug 26 Mr. Unloved
Dirty Soap Blues The Fire Aug 26 Dirty Soap Blues
The Chordaes The Fire Aug 31 The Chordaes
The Chorades The Fire Aug 31 The Chorades
Steven Vizirov The Fire Aug 31 Steven Vizirov
S. Taylor The Fire Aug 31 S. Taylor
Kyan Palmer The Fire Aug 31 Kyan Palmer
Of the Archive EP Release Show The Fire Sep 02 Of the Archive EP Release Show
Mage Hand The Fire Sep 02 Mage Hand
Shy The Fire Sep 02 Shy
Deeply Woven The Fire Sep 02 Deeply Woven
Philly Hardcore Shows The Fire Sep 03 Philly Hardcore Shows
Desolated The Fire Sep 03 Desolated
Purgatory The Fire Sep 03 Purgatory
Easy Money The Fire Sep 03 Easy Money
Luxe The Fire Sep 03 Luxe
Orange Blossom Special The Fire Sep 08 Orange Blossom Special
Pissgrave The Fire Sep 14 Pissgrave
Slaughtbbath The Fire Sep 14 Slaughtbbath
Communion The Fire Sep 14 Communion
Slutvomit The Fire Sep 14 Slutvomit
Massive Retaliation The Fire Sep 14 Massive Retaliation
Kenty Love The Fire Sep 15 Kenty Love, Ocho de Bastos, From the Mountains and 1 more...
Rosedale The Fire Sep 19 Rosedale
Ant TC1 The Fire Sep 29 Ant TC1
Djinn The Fire Sep 29 Djinn
Malevil The Fire Sep 29 Malevil
Antique Electronic The Fire Sep 29 Antique Electronic
Judah Priest The Fire Oct 13 Judah Priest, Judah Priest, The Vizual Prophet
King Chiefs The Fire Oct 13 King Chiefs
Calico The Band The Fire Oct 20 Calico The Band
De5tro The Fire Dec 03 De5tro, Genesis Z & The Black Mambas