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Suffocation Underworld Aug 31 Suffocation
SKAM Underworld Sep 08 SKAM, SKAM, Voodoo Six
Serious Black_official Underworld Sep 12 Serious Black_official, Serious Black, My Own Ghost, Herman Frank
The Real McKenzies Underworld Sep 13 The Real McKenzies
Trash Boat Underworld Sep 22 Trash Boat, Broadside, Homebound
Homebound Underworld Sep 22 Homebound, Trash Boat, Broadside
Waterparks Underworld Sep 28 Waterparks
Truckfighters Underworld Sep 30 Truckfighters, Ten Foot Wizard
Ten Foot Wizard Underworld Sep 30 Ten Foot Wizard
Capsize Underworld Oct 05 Capsize, Stray From the Path
Obey The Brave Underworld Oct 05 Obey The Brave, Stray From the Path, Capsize
Beastmaker Underworld Oct 13 Beastmaker, Stoned Jesus
Decapitated Underworld Nov 17 Decapitated
Kobra and The Lotus Underworld Dec 03 Kobra and The Lotus