Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

24 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Steve Aoki Pacha Sep 03 Steve Aoki
Kryoman Pacha Sep 03 Kryoman, Steve Aoki
D.O.D Pacha Sep 03 D.O.D
Chuckie Pacha Sep 04 Chuckie
Martin Solveig Pacha Sep 06 Martin Solveig
Steve Aoki Pacha Sep 10 Steve Aoki
Kryoman Pacha Sep 10 Kryoman, Steve Aoki
Felix Cartal Pacha Sep 10 Felix Cartal, Steve Aoki
Arno Cost Pacha Sep 11 Arno Cost
Martin Solveig Pacha Sep 13 Martin Solveig
FACE DOWN ASS UP CLUB Pacha Sep 13 FACE DOWN ASS UP CLUB, Enter artist name, Mucho Muchacho and 1 more...
Ms. von Disko Pacha Sep 13 Ms. von Disko, Enter artist name
Sweet Drinkz Pacha Sep 13 Sweet Drinkz, Enter artist name
Groove Armada Pacha Sep 15 Groove Armada
Lauren Lane Pacha Sep 15 Lauren Lane
Steve Aoki Pacha Sep 17 Steve Aoki
Kryoman Pacha Sep 17 Kryoman, Steve Aoki
Tai Pacha Sep 17 Tai, Jacob Plant, DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE and 1 more...
Hard Rock Sofa Pacha Sep 18 Hard Rock Sofa
Soul Clap Pacha Sep 22 Soul Clap
Steve Aoki Pacha Sep 24 Steve Aoki
Kryoman Pacha Sep 24 Kryoman, Steve Aoki
Martin Solveig Pacha Oct 04 Martin Solveig
the magician Pacha Oct 04 the magician, Enter artist name