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Date Lineup
Counterfeit Dynamo Apr 30 Counterfeit
Tigercub Dynamo Apr 30 Tigercub, Counterfeit
Crowbar Dynamo May 11 Crowbar
Nate57 Gauna Dynamo May 21 Nate57 Gauna
Die Grüne Welle Dynamo May 23 Die Grüne Welle
The Coronas Dynamo May 24 The Coronas
Monster Truck Dynamo Jun 07 Monster Truck
Backtrack Dynamo Jun 21 Backtrack, Turnstile
Atreyu Dynamo Jun 21 Atreyu
Turnstile Dynamo Jun 21 Turnstile
Municipal Waste Dynamo Jun 30 Municipal Waste
Sophie Lillienne Dynamo Jul 14 Sophie Lillienne
Feed Her to the Sharks Dynamo Aug 08 Feed Her to the Sharks
Wolf Alice Dynamo Aug 29 Wolf Alice
Katatonia Dynamo Oct 08 Katatonia
Kontra K Dynamo Oct 28 Kontra K